[TRANS] 120809 Kim Jaejoong, “There is No Idol Groups Without Conflicts”


JYJ Kim Jaejoong recently expressed his views on conflicts in idol groups.

Kim Jaejoong recently accepted an interview in a cafe at Gangnam and revealed his frankness towards conflicts in idol groups and the secret behind JYJ’s teamwork.

Kim Jaejoong said, “To be honest, I don’t think there is any idol group without conflicts.”. “Idol groups are not blood-related family afterall, there are certainly some members who got along better or closer.”, “Like us, we are the type who would just say things out.”Rather than keeping words inside, speaking out directly one’s thoughts is the secret to teamwork.

Kim Jaejoong also mentioned an incident behind Shinhwa’s 14 years of friendship.Kim Jaejoong expressed, “Not long ago, Eric hyung uploaded a group photo on an application and I replied, ‘Hyungs looked so great together, Shinhwa is really handsome.’ After that, I received a reply that says, ‘We only pretend to be close.’ I later on pondered about it and felt that, to be able to say it out so frankly is indeed impressive.”“When the three of us are together, first and foremost it was a strength. As it is something wholesome, it was filled with strength unknowingly. When it was a solo act, it was a feel that I have to work harder.”

Additionally, Kim Jaejoong is receiving compliments for his acting in MBC ‘Dr Jin’ as Kim Kyung Tak.

source: mk daily
credit: yinyuetai
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iHeroCassie

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