[FanAccount] 121103 KJJ Fanmeeting in Jakarta ~ And so i met the “Angel” in person

At first, i’ve had decided that i (sadly) will not be able to attend this FM because i have no more budget left to attend any kpop event after all those concerts i attended this year, lastly was Bigbang Alive concert.

But then, it’s like a miracle for me, the promoter announced that they will open another class, a very affordable one, dolphin class.
And so..with no hesitation i purchase the ticket when the sales start to opened.

fast forward to after the fanmeeting, i’m thinking back…if..if i have not attend this FM, it will be my greatest loss ever…

We all know how’s the “drama” happened right on D-1 of the FM. Jae’s twitter account got hacked then…he ends up deleted his’ which brought us all into a deep devastation..esp. after Chunnie did it on Jun/Jul (?)

Before that, i know that Jae was twote that he feels sick, having a cold and headache.
Having no other suspicious, i only assume it as a normal sickness until then…i found articles+spazzes saying he was rushed into the ER before he flee to Jakarta…
Until here..i was like..errrgghhh hackers! u ruined my good mood!! »_«

In the middle of that, suddenly promoter announced that there will be a surprise event for the FM, Hi5 & Group Photo for all attendee..i was like WTFFFF!!! OMG OMG!!! ALL CLASS!! then….i break down and cry…………T____T


because…it’s just came up in my mind that Jae seems going to pay his ‘debt’ to us…a ‘debt’ in form of disappoinment..
how come he think that far…hi5 with thousands of ppl??? o_O

i feel touched by that…how can he, who were feeling sick and pissed off with that hackers still able to think about giving us no disappointment..
(this is before i found out that hi5+group photo was actually subtitute his singing session coz he lost his voice).

and so, i saw airport fancams+pics, he’s not the usual JJ..no smile at all.
did i feel disappointed? truthfully, i did..bcoz i don’t want him to come here with a sad feeling.
I want him to meet me with a good & happy feel..

Then i heard that he stayed at a hotel that for me, it doesn’t meet his standard at all.
It’s not that it’s a poor one but the level is not as high as what i thought & expected to..Even when JS came here he stayed at a higher level hotel.

But then i came to think…ah..this is not good. Jae’s sickness is something to worried more…Jae’s condition is way poor than i thought. That’s why they (probably) requested a nearby hotel.
(f.y.i, 5+star hotels location are taking around 45mins-1 hour driving to the venue, the hotel he stayed.only took 5mins driving).

There were sooooo many rumours surrounding Jae’s health that day…:(


I arrived at MEIS around 3pm and went straight to redeem my ticket. After i received my ticket, i find a cozy place to charge my phone and have something to eat.

While waiting, i heard that the press conference was cancelled because Jae’s unable to attend and he lost his voice which in the end i found out it wasn’t cancelled.

Pressconf was still going on minus Jae. Jae only write a piece of letter to the press regarding his condition. He apologize over and over in the letter. (>,< another perfect handwriting…:D)

Outside the venue, i saw many International Fans also coming to the FM. Japan, Malaysia, China, but mostly i spotted Japanese fans.
Some fandoms also actively spreading hand banner, lightstick, rubberband, stickers for free.
I also spotted Jae’s standee and some people were having fun taking pic with Jae’s standee..:)

Jaejoong’s official goods also there. They sell T-Shirt, posters, lightstick, etc.

There’s also a gift corner where fans can collect their gifts for Jaejoong. once you submit the gift, we fill a form with name, country and phone number.

Before entering the venue, i saw red balloons everywhere, but it wasn’t allowed to bring into the venue..So, many balloons left outside the venue.

The queue was so smooth and clean, barely see any incident. CJES security also checking intensely back and forth along the queue.
And may i say that Jae’s bodyguard’s handsome..and he’s kind, when he passing thru he bows down to us and put a little smile..:p You all might notice the bodyguard, he’s the one who often spotted in airport pics..but not the huge one..the other one..keke~

I’m in the venue around 7:30pm and reached to my seat which at first the promoter said all numbered but in the end i was told to randomly take a seat…sigh~ -_-
So, i get a good spot but high up at the tribune. Still can see him clearly through the large screen on both sides.

The FM start with a little delay. I, personally try to understand it, for Jae’s sake..
I’m pretty sure that all the rundown must’ve changed at the very last minute due to his condition, but i see both crews (CJES+Promoter) were working hand in hand.

The FM start with an Opening VTR of Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Indonesia.

Then both MCs out onto the stage. MC Ichsan and MC Vince Kim opened up the show with a fresh greetings. Before Jae’s out, MCs asked all of us on the left, middle, right to shout out Jaejoong’s name. left KIM, middle JAE, right JOONG and it makes the atmosphere getting hot! ^^

After the KIM JAE JOONG “warming up”, they brought Jaejoong out on stage and the whole venue scream like crazy..:D
Jae’s finally on stage wearing a yellow knitwear+black trousers.
MC Ichsan was told us that since Jae’s in not in a good condition, he will communicate with us using his iPad. And not long after, we all chant “Gwaenchana…Gwaenchana…Gwaenchana…” and Jae’s slightly nodding and lift up his cheeks, smile a bit…:)

From the 1st moment Jae’s on stage, i feel sorry for him. He looks so weak but still try to walk and interacted with us.
I was teary when i saw him entering the stage with that serious face and weak body…T_T

First thing on stage was a letter reading. Jaejoong wrote a letter for the fans that explains his condition that night and he apologize a few times in it..:(
When MC Vince read the letter in Korean, i started to cry…Jae repeatedly say sorry, he wrote that he really like to laugh, cry and play together with the fans, but his condition doesn’t allowed him to..sobs~
Jae was turning his head down a few times…feeling sorry toward all of us..when he’s looking down, i was like…huwaaaaa~~ why sorry..???don’t look down…Gwaenchana…T__T

Then the 1st session of the FM started!
Jackal is Coming trailer and Behind The Scene VTR was played.
According to the MC, it was the first time for Jackal’s Behind The Scene VTR played here in Jakarta. The BTS consists of clips from the Jackal’s making. So many funny NGs there and also interview with all the casts. When Jae’s interview clip appearing, everybody cheers…:D

After the VTR, Jae was asked about how it feels to walk in the red carpet, he feel nervous. He was also asked about him being an actor.
During the Q&A session, we were wait for a few times as Jae’s typing the answers the he showed it to MC Vince to translated.
Even when he type, it drives us crazy just looking at those pretty fingers typing the letters one by one..:D
While Jae type his answer, MC jokingly ask: “Who wants to be the iPad???” and everybody was “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~!!!!!” xDDD
MC also asked about the kiss scene in the movie, how does it feels and Jae can only smile shyly..^0^

Next session was Top 5 Best Scene from the drama Dr. Jin.
After the scene of Kyung Tak fire a shot, MC asked whether it’s the first time Jae’s holding a gun like that and how it feels. Jae said it was his first time but he was fine..it’s the horse..when he shot the gun, the horse gets shocked by the sound.
MC Ichsan ask Vince what is gun in Korean, Vince told him it’s PANG..PANG! PANG! then MC Ichsan repeated after Vince in a funny way that makes Jae smirk and smile…ahh~~ when he smile u feel…relieve a little..:))

Jaejoong also asked about love at first sight and love on location. He doesn’t believe in love at first sight and he never fall in love with his co-star or fellow artist on filming location but he does fallen for one of the staff…uh oh…:D

Jae also got a question about his relationship with his father. When MC ask this, everybody tells the MC not to ask about it..but Jaejoong calmly answering the question. The MC ask about this after the scene of Kyung Tak and his father, he totally doesn’t know the stories behind Jae’s father.

Following those 2 dramas Q&A session. MC Ichsan initiate to get all of us sing to Dr. Jin’s OST “Living Like A Dream”. He said, “since Jaejoong cannot sing tonight, why don’t you all, the fans, sing for him..? Jaejoong always sing for you guys, now why don’t we sing for him and cheer him up..?”
Then they play the video with a delay subtitle..:p
But everybody can sing it precisely…keke~ if only they put minus one that night, i think it would be awesome, Jae will hear our voice more loud…^^

When the video play, Jae standing at the side of the stage and look at the large screen.
Seeing him standing, with his back facing at us, i was back into a mellow situation..T_T
Jae was looking at the screen, we all sing along to the song..
He keeps on looking at the screen till the end..
I wondered, what will happen if he turn his back and looking at us, tears might be flowing…~__~

Everytime he received compliments from the MC, he’d smile shyly and wave his hands showing off his denial that it’s not true, being humble…

The FM was ended with a Fanvideo. The fanvid also touchy…T__T
I couldn’t make it to record it…there are fans from various country sends out their support messages for Jaejoong. Once again, he stand at the same position as before and watch it all until the end…
I was teary when i watch the fanvid..i believe he feels the same..
Most of the messages are in English, so he probably doesn’t understand everything, but i’m sure he gets the point.
After the video’s end…he claps and bows…

With that fanvid, the FM officially ends. Jae went to the back to change his clothes for Hi5 and Group Photo session.

During the Group photo session, he always bows and smile everytime he came to his seat. That was the best moment of all…he smiles almost all the time during the photo session. He looks pale and weak but smiles never missed out from his angelic face…^__^

I was in the last batch of the Group photo. I didn’t get the chance to stand near him but i look…i deeply look at him…i look at his face carefully and observing his face…:D
How can there be a perfect man in this world…
Even when he walk from his seat to the Hi5 table, i’m still looking at him and “scanning” his face…lol~ am i too pervy?!?!
I still can’t believe that i’m seeing KIM JAEJOONG so very close!! only a few steps away…T__T
Deep inside i was saying, Oh God…he is indeed an ANGEL~!

What i like from the photo session was, CJES bodyguards really GOOD in doing their jobs escorting Jae. CLAPS! They’re not showing any harm or scary faces and action to fans, they’re only focusing 100% on Jae but Jae seems doesn’t wanna seen being overprotected and act like he’s being totally guarded.

There was one funny cute scene when Jae’s having his drink. When he pick up the bottle and drink with his head up, the fans are screaming like usual..that “drinking” moment hysteria…haha…
He was confused when he hears that and ask the bodyguard next to him what happen..LOL~ Bodyguard tells him that’s because he’s drinking…
hahahaa…sooooo cute~~~ 😀

Hi5 & Group photo was wrapped up around 11pm (i don’t really notice the hour, but i remember i left the venue after 11pm) and Jae was asking for his iPad and type something. He ask MC Vince to translate it.
Jae once again apologize to us and he promise that if there are another chance for him to comeback to Indonesia, he will be back with a very well prepare condition. He bows, waves, confetti sparks and he walk leaving the stage………..

It was the most unforgettable moment ever!
For anyone who dislike Jaejoong and they were there that night, witnessing how he LOVES his fans, i’m sure they’ll love him instead…

It wasn’t just a professional act, it was LOVEEEEEEE…Jaejoong knows how to LOVE his fans….T_T Proud of him~!!! ❤
Fighting Kim Jaejoong…Get Well Soon…~
Comeback soon with JYJ…^_____^


hopefully nothing was missing…if there are, i apologize…^^
For fancams, please refer to:


credit: @1008luvdolphinz for @iHeroCassie

Photo credits: NATE, aLoveLikeWar, JYJ_Runazy, JYJ OFFICIAL FB

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