[GENERAL-NEWS] 120810 “K-Pop” To Be Registered In The Oxford English Dictionary


The word “K-pop” will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

On August 10, Washington news radio broadcast WTOP announced that the word K-pop will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

K-pop means Korean pop music and it has created a sensation not only in Asia but also in the Americas and Europe.

Billboard created a K-pop chart and releases rankings every week. SISTAR drew a lot of attention by being the first K-pop group to rank first on the Billboard K-pop chart for four weeks in a row.

Popular K-pop groups, including JYJ and B2ST, promote K-pop by touring the world, the popularity of K-pop will last for years to come.

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[NEWS-GENERAL] 120803 KBS And BBC To Co-Produce K-Pop Concert And Documentary


KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have decided to join forces for the creation of two K-pop projects.

A representative of KBS stated on August 3rd KST, “The president of KBS, Kim In Kyu, met with the current director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, and soon-to-be director, George Entwistle. He received an offer to hold a K-pop concert co-hosted by KBS and BBC, to which he suggested the co-production of a high-quality K-pop documentary.”

Kim In Kyu, Thompson, and Entwistle have all agreed to co-create the K-pop concert and documentary, and are currently making plans to make the projects a reality.

Stay tuned for updates!


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[FACEBOOK] 120611 JYJ Official Facebook Update

현재 JYJ 가 활동하는 페이스북 계정은 오피셜 계정 뿐입니다. 팬 여러분의 착오 없으시길 바랍니다. 또한 팬 활동이라 할지라도 아티스트 이름을 도용한 SNS 계정에 대해 적극 신고 조치 하곘습니다.불이익을 당하지 않도록 SNS 활용에 참고 하시기 바랍니다.

This is the only JYJ’s facebook account. JYJ doesn’t have any facebook accounts. Furether using JYJ’s name illegally is not considered as fan activities. C-Jes entertainment will take strong measure against fake SNS accounts. Thank you.

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[NEWS] 120311 An In-Depth Report About Sasaeng Fans? The First But Vain Appearance Of JYJ In Entertainment Program Of Terrestrial TV ‘Entertainment Relay’


[Article modified at 10:40 March 11]

The first TV appearance of the 3 men of JYJ was horrible. It was nothing new but an ‘exhumation’ in order to confirm the assault (T/N: originally부관참시, which literally means to dig up [a person’s] corpse and behead it). The entertainment program of Saturday, which has been coveting the ratings of 10% and boasting about the tradition of dozens of years, exposed the existence of ‘saseang fan’ but I wonder if we had to make do with its significance.

On the 10th, <Entertainment Relay> of KBS 2TV covered the JYJ – sasaeng fans controversy that has recently surfaced. On the 6th, a media unveiled the ‘JYJ assaulting fans’ audio file which was recorded in 2009. JYJ got involved in an ‘assault controversy’.

Among K-POP groups, JYJ is the first group ever to hold a South America tour. They have held an official press conference in Chile on the 8th (local time). They officially apologized and expressed their pain, “Because sasaeng fans are also fans, we thought that we should also endure such excessive love. But in such indescribable pain, our daily life collapsed. We just want to ask them to at least let us live a human life.”

However, after informing that the audio file was edited, <Entertainment Relay> let us hear from the position of the sasaeng fan who was on the spot at that time instead of JYJ’s voice, reigniting the assault controversy. In addition, before the broadcast,<Entertainment Relay> was caught under fire for asking for tips about ‘the stars’ secret photos and videos’ through its official website and openly giving notice that tipping fee would be given.


The sasaeng fan that can’t realize the seriousness of the problem, “He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

“It was recorded by a sister who was with me; I didn’t know that that sister has spread (the audio file). I got only one tap, I let out the ‘ah’ sound and the gasp sound is also mine. I didn’t get hit that much. He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

In the voice of an anonymous sasaeng fan which <Entertainment Relay> interviewed, we couldn’t find the seriousness of the situation. We can see that the producers didn’t even question the psychology or think about the concrete situation regarding the acts of the ‘sasaengs’ who stalk the stars. They only briefly checked on the time and the situation before airing the program. 

Indeed, they explained that ‘the fans who follow the celebrities and dig all their privacy are passionate fans’ and tied it up with an interview of general fans, introduced sasaeng fans as normal fans. On the other hand, the voice of JYJ Kim Jaejoong in the audio file was broadcasted numerous times. Nonetheless, the voices of JYJ’s members who have officially apologized during the press conference in Chile were nowhere to be heard.

However, at the time JYJ left for South America, <Entertainment Relay> was airing the interview with the reporter of related media (T/N: Dispatch). What was worse, through that interview, they added more reliability to the article by emphasizing the violence, “The singers have different ways to deal with it. In some degree, although there were some singers who have verbally abused, I think it was quite actually shocking to do violence.”

In the absence of JYJ? An investigative report that failed to convey a balanced voice.

Through a lawyer, they confirmed that JYJ’s act could be considered as assault but there was no penalty. “Since this assault is ‘no-prosecution-contrary-to-intent’, if the victim doesn’t sue, the artists won’t be punished.”

On the other hand, <Entertainment Relay> also demonstrated a superb beauty of editing.The remarks of a pop music critic were suitably disposed in order to meet the intention of the producers.

“Sasaeng fans are stalkers. Since it has come this far, wouldn’t they be seen as stalkers? Those acts could certainly be prosecuted.” <Entertainment Relay> has arranged this remark of the critic in the first half of the program and “In the perspective of the stars or of those who protect the stars, they shouldn’t be punished for using violent method to protect their given rights,” in the second half, showing that they want to shift all the responsibility of this assault controversy to JYJ.

The reporter’s comment was, “Obviously, there is problem with the fans that violated the stars’ private life. However, the extreme reaction of the stars was not right either. A more mature attitude is needed.” It was no more than a typical ‘both-side’ theory that stands on mechanical neutrality. We couldn’t hear anything from JYJ’s side, how can this report be considered as an in-depth coverage?


We will give you tipping fee, please give us the stars’ secret photos and videos~!

The insufficient and irritating report of <Entertainment Relay> was already predicted. On the 10th, via the viewers’ tipping board on its website, <Entertainment Relay> has given a notice which read, “Please send us tips about the stars’ secret photos and videos that only you know! Tipping fee will be given to those who are chosen.” Instead of stamping out sasaeng’s act, they encouraged it.

Also, they have met a sasaeng fan who have been active from TVXQ days and asked her if the ‘assault incident’ of Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun that had been surfaced recently was true and asked her about the actual activities of sasaeng fans.

In addition, <Entertainment Relay> has given a provocative notice that they had in hand an another audio file in which there was Kim Jaejoong who had to suffer from sasaeng fans during his vacation and Kim Junsu who caught sasaeng taxi and tussled, which is said to be able to show the extreme stress and the painful feelings of JYJ due to sasaeng fans.

They have also added, “You will be able to see vividly the true nature and the problems of sasaeng fans, to see if the violent act of the artist toward hardcore fans, to see the status of the so-called ‘sasaeng taxi’ hired to chase after the celebrities, the daily routine and the psychology of sasaeng fans, the reaction of each celebrity to sasaeng fan, ect.” But this much information wasn’t adequately conveyed in 5 minutes of edited screen.


JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

It’s a well-known fact that, due to the uncomfortable relationship with SM, group JYJ that is comprised of former TVXQ’s members has been working as ‘faceless singers’ in TV entertainment programs. In the broadcast on the 10th of <Entertainment Relay>, JYJ has the first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program. However, only the voice of Kim Jaejoong in the audio file, the cut from music video, the cut from the performance in 2010 <KBS Drama Awards> and a short video of the press conference in Chile were aired.

JYJ’s fans are strongly objecting to this report of <Entertainment Relay>. From the airing day till the 11th, there was hundreds of protesting writing in its viewers’ bulletin.

The ID ‘vipchj’ has criticized <Entertainment Relay> as below.

“Firstly, during these 2 years, JYJ have been vigorously active more than any artist. You haven’t reported about it even once but only reported about sasaeng-related issue. Secondly, today the very first South America concert of Korean artist was held in Chile but you didn’t mention about it at all. Thirdly, you didn’t report in detail how long sasaeng fans have been stalking JYJ but only simply reflected them as hardcore fans. Fourthly, all the fans already felt angry toward the report. Nonetheless, after finishing the program, the main MCs even exchanged jokes about sasaeng, which made us feel like we were fools. Fifthly, you compared them, who have been idols and have been suffering the severe harassments of sasaeng for 9 years, who were in very difficult time due to the conflict with former agency, with normal celebrities.”

Via SNS, the followed line was repeatedly retweeted, “I want KBS Entertainment Relay to be abolished. RT! Let’s see how much it will be retweeted!”

Eventually, I doubt whether <Entertainment Relay> shed light on JYJ assault issue from various angles, whether it properly distinguished between right and wrong regarding the assault, whether it dealt in a balanced way with the seriousness of sasaeng fans that have been rebuked by the public after the assault case has surfaced online. JYJ’s first real debut in KBS’s entertainment program has come to an end like this.

SourceOh My News via Nate
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[GENERAL-NEWS] 120308 Korean Traditional Culture To Highlight Seoul Summit – JYJ

Hallyu stars join PR campaigns, cultural events

Korean traditional arts are the highlight of cultural events planned for the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Summit slated for March 26-27.

“Foreigners still don’t really know the difference among cultures of China, Japan and Korea. I hope this upcoming event will help them to understand the uniqueness of Korean traditional culture,” Sohn Jin-chaek, general director at the National Theater Company of Korea, told The Korea Herald on Thursday.

Sohn is in charge of cultural and entertainment events at the two-day summit.

Five events are likely to be staged during the two-day meeting, each event running for about 35 minutes.

Singer Park Jung-hyun opens the stage during the leaders’ banquet with her song titled “Peace Song,” a promotional track produced for the event. Artists will continue the stage with traditional dance with music, he added.

Dancers from the National Gugak Center perform at an event to celebrate the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap News)

Leaders who are some of the busiest people in the world will be able to take time to relax during the events. The concept of hanok, or Korea’s traditional house, and back garden of Joseon palaces will be used for decorating the main stage.

“I will help leaders feel what Korean culture is about rather than just watching performances. I wanted to stage Korean performances with cozy hanok and garden as backdrop,” he said.

“This will offer leaders a chance to think about peace pursued by Koreans,” he added.

More than 50 heads of state and representatives of international organizations will attend the meeting to be held at the COEX Convention Center in Samseong-dong.

A group of 35 Korean experts both from the public and private sectors work with the secretariat for cultural performance and events, media promotion and translation. The country’s most renowned culinary experts have been consulted on food and beverages. Hotel Shilla is reportedly in charge of catering services for banquet prepared for leaders from all around the world.

Programs for leaders’ spouses, dinner menus and wine lists, gifts for leaders are to be unveiled soon. The secretariat office for the summit declined to comment saying these are surprises for leaders. 

Hotels in Seoul, particularly those nearby COEX Convention Center, are busy preparing for the arrival of world leaders.

The secretariat office named K-pop and K-drama stars as goodwill ambassadors for the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, as part of its effort to increase interests in the event. The list of celebrities includes boyband JYJ, TV actors Jang Geun-suk and Wang Suk-hyun, and singer Park Jung-hyun who is also known as Lena Park.

On Tuesday, Park and Wang were invited to the launch of “Wish Tree” project held at Incheon International Airport. The event is designed to raise public awareness on nuclear safety. Anyone at the airport can write their message and wish for a peaceful world, officals said.

A number of events have already been staged in celebration of Korea’s hosting of the global event.

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding on Monday reenacted a royal wedding of Joseon based on the royal books retrieved from France last year. Titled “Joseon Reawakens,” the event presented royal court costumes, traditional dance performance, music and food at the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul. 

Arirang TV, the state-run English-language broadcaster, will hold a “Peace Concert” featuring Korean traditional music, or “gugak,” on March 26-27 to commemorate the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

The concerts will be held at the main theater of the National Gugak Center near the Seoul Arts Center in Yangjae-dong, southern Seoul. The concerts will offer interesting performances of various forms of gugak, ranging from traditional to fusion, featuring traditional musician Kim Yong-woo, pansori star Park Ae-ri and haeguem player Ccot-byel.

By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldm.com)

Source: Koreaherald
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Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.

“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to understand the reasons behind this seemingly appalling act, and WHY this happened.


this will educate you about DBSK/TVXQ on a whole new level, since Asian fans did not bother to mention this aspect of TVXQ’s stardom when spreading news.

The crux of this issue is “who are PRIVATES?”

recorded at around September, 2009

*ignore grammatical mistakes, this was directly translated word by word. This is so that Jaejoong’s tone is conveyed with accuracy. (and he is drunk)

++* some people are misunderstanding this and doubting why it was only a “recording that was released.” I saw a comment saying “who knows it’s fake? why is it that the other fans there only had a recorder? not a cellphone or a video recorder?”

This is because THERE WAS NO OTHER PERSON THERE. the PRIVATE in question in this video recorded this secretly. Why? look below at the Changmin incident. They always record stuff and keep it as a “souvenir.” They are just mentally ill.

Occasion (to clear up confusion):

(from the media) Jaejoong was drinking with his friends and afterwards, he found the PRIVATES trailing him on the way home. Explosion.

*all translated swearwords are placed where they were originally said in Korean



following me around and contacting me…

it’s really fun for you guys…

really fun…

never really thinking about how much stressful it is for us

I’d rather become normal and live without any of this

Anywhere I go someone follows

anywhere I go someone calls me

Anywhere i go someone calls me and they’re like

where are you…you’re there right? always living and and running away in this anxiety

am i a convict? ha….i was in Japan for 4 days during my vacation. i was in Japan, because of you…because of you, huh? Fuck…it’s funny, right? funny?

if i come (to korea) fuck I have no freedom…do you think i’d be here this fucking…

i’d rather be in a jail and eat fucking bean rice (*what they give out it prison) and exercise. i’d rather go to military and live as a soldier fucking because of you guys…

fuck do I still need to be here (in korea)?

bitches like you….do you know how many of you there are? there are tenfolds, fucking taxi cab drivers need to make a living and take you guys and fucking follow me around…risking their lives and follow me around

even if its the red light…even if there’s a bunch of cars in front…they go into the opposite lane and drive in reverse and follow me around…

the fucking bastards who follow me for money and the fans who give them money to follow me…fuck because of the PRIVATES and the PRIVATE CABS follow me, do I have to go hide for the rest of my life? huh? huh? why am I like this, am I a convict? do I have to be in Korea because of you bitches? huh? you’re “PRIVATES” you bitches, fuck do I have to live like this? huh? huh? because of you? fuck after this fucking PRIVATE bitches will probably call on the police….you guys will call the police. No, it happened a lot until now. if they don’t they’re nice kids…they do this shit and after fucking call on the police. they say they feel like crap because I fucking shit at them. they ask for compensation those fucking PRIVATES….fuck how do you trust those PRIVATES. Do I have to cover up for those fucking bitches following me around? Bitches? do you know how many times I’ve had to hit you guys on the head like right now? I…in tenfolds…can’t even count it, go bitch, is this fun? oh it’s fun right? here, come here, come closer, is this fun? is this like a survival game? its fun right? fucking fun following me around. If i hit you guys on the head once, then you guys call on the police saying that you can’t go home again ’cause they’re swollen.

Bitches when i go around all day you’ll follow me and what, you guy’s call the police because you can’t go home? shit, why do you follow me? you’re saying that I can’t go home? you have that much time? Fucking Bitches I only sleep 3 hours a day, what for a week, you guys are saying stuff like, oh Jaejoong’s like vapor, how can he escape so well, you guy’s then call me and text me…it’s also posted on blogs constantly….I always read those blogs that you do…who went to the hair salon and when what time when Changmin did this and when Yunho did that…you guys know everything like fucking wizards

but the rest of you guys…why didn’t they know me? this vacation? why didn’t they know where I went? huh? Should I keep on hiding like this? Hiding is fucking retarded….but what are you guys who follow that around? Huh fucking bitch? As a singer could I ever get a girlfiend? for real? huh? do i have to check your blogs in hours and minute units when I move? huh? Am I the President? fuck you guys are just fucking hoes, at guys huh? you want to get attention from young idol members fucking bitches…all against the privacy of the singer you like and get on taxi cabs, do you have that much money? if you bought even one CD with that money…we would have gotten number one on the chart. fuck, in Japan, we worked for 5 years when we got that number one title and the second or first rank….even if they support so much from DNBN (dbsk fansite), if you guys had bought a fucking CD instead of following me around in taxi cabs we could have fucking went on the Oricon charts for what rank..you bitches always doing this shit with taxis, fuck do you know why I bought my car RA? I bought it to lose the taxis, I bought it to lose the taxis but I just couldn’t bitches there were too many taxis, those fucking taxis really just rolling over for money and follow me to the extreme, you guys spend that money to the extreme and follow me. and you guys are still greedy, with sleep, you guys pull an all-nighter all the time but say shit about us when we do. And when i get so fucking pissed and can’t contain myself, you say you can’t go home because your face is swollen and want compensation money and call the police bitches.

Are those fans? Shitting…bitches lets see if you fucking go to heaven you fucking bastards fuck…

you think I can like you?

fuck you guys do it like this and thats why we start liking the Japanese business bitches you know? When we do interviews about concerts, what “we like when (Korean) fans sing along during ballad songs”? and “we like the japanese cuz they listen well?” “that is the difference between Korea and Japan?” Fucking Bullshit.

I don’t want to humiliate Korea in Japan so that’s why I say i like that when you guys sing along during ballad songs

fucking always talking always following around always screaming

It’s because of you PRIVATES that we start liking the foreign fans more. Why do you think Japan and China’s like this right now. Its because they’re imitating you guys, the foreigners. are you happy now?

**Korean Fan culture included excessive screaming until the late 2009, when the Cassiopeas changed the official support chant into “quiet during ballads, official/organized chant during dance songs.”

**This recording was done by a Private

Private= are not considered fans. they follow around and kill the privacy of idols. A lot of idols have privates but FT island, Big Bang, and TVXQ is known to have the worse. Especially TVXQ Privates have invented a new method of stalking called the PRIVATE TAXI CABS, in which they pay average $800 to follow TVXQ around. EVERYWHERE.

**TVXQ currently has average 150 PRIVATES following them around.(per day). these include foreign privates from China, Japan, and reaaalllllyyyy the minority European, American fans

**All members of TVXQ have been subject to the crimes of PRIVATES for average 9-10 years. Korean laws can’t protect the star because most of these PRIVATES are underage and those who are not, work in more complicated ways (they’re rich for one, and have a background).



WHO (da fuck) ARE THEY.

1. What is a PRIVATE?

PRIVATE = a sasaeng fan (a “fan” that stalks the privacy of a star)


Someone who follows around/ stalk a star (especially an idol star), and watches every single movement with a emotion above a fan’s.

Most of these fans give up on their everyday lives, and follow around the star’s schedule.

These fans are STALKERS that violate the privacy of the star, consequently emerging as a social issue.

Below is from a documentary about “sasaengs”

(below is the translation for the internet postings above)

I’m sorry Yoochun………

I went to a PC bang (internet cafe)….

the ID I had with my name had too much fees due…

i borrowed…f..k..(*this private stole his social security number/ she isn’t the only one)

I really have to have an ID for this place……

and this place has the cheapest fees……..

and Mom’s didn’t work, Dad has his own…….

I couldn’t think of any other Social Security Number….

the ones I thought of….truthfully, your’s is the easiest….

sorry….Yoochun…(laughing sound)

I really needed it thou……f…..

I really needed it!! I’m sorry..I’ll log out afterwards…

What is this you bitch (laughing sound)

…Yoochun (laughing sound)


Agency PR:

“It’s a great stress. Even if we don’t disclose the schedule they always follow around. I don’t know how they know

Really, they’re like ghosts, they follow everywhere

Even the stars themselves know, so its a great stress.

That makes the stars become uncomfortable about going outside, so they stop going outside, they stop meeting other people

You can’t see them anything other than a necessary evil. They’re just a social issue.”

(image of Privates of WG asking for where WG lives)


“It’s an addiction. It gets worse. I have to come periodically. If I don’t I keep thinking.

If I don’t go, It’s weird, strange. and makes me want to go..”

2. Write on blogs what the members do.

(From here is a translation of a Korean Post about the PRIVATES)

In a TV Show

Uknow Yunho (TVXQ):

Everythings fine, just don’t come to our house.



have you seen any singers asking directly like that? Even if they do that, the PRIVATES never stop. Have you ever seen the speed of a PRIVATE TAXI CAB? they go over 100km/h, it’s not even one, there are more than ten of these cabs.

More than 80% of the times, the members are involved in a accident because of these PRIVATE TAXI CABS. Around where the members live, there are always PRIVATES sitting around.

-this picture is only a small amount of them

more below

Taxi Cab driver

(normally) they call them PRIVATE TAXI CABS

this is what they call a PRIVATE TAXI CAB

they receive around $800, and these drivers contact each other to locate where TVXQ is. After a concert, it’s normal to see at least 10 of these following TVXQ’s van.

(*from a personal account written in the comments: I saw Yunho once and I’m not really a fan so I just thought, oh, cool, an idol star. But when his car started, there were like, at least 15 people who jumped out of their seats and i swear you, 18, friggin 18 TAXI CABS started trailing the guy. I felt really sorry for him.)

They Purposely get involved in (or cause) a car accident.

There are PRIVATE TAXI CAB drivers that sign contracts just to crash TVXQ’s car.

There was actually an incident when Micky and Jaejoong’s personal cars were wrecked purposely.

There was also a time during the 4th album activities when a member was running away from a PRIVATE and had to trash his BMW because he ran into a electric pole.

365 days a year, they follow them around.

Even during the 10 days vacation that TVXQ gets in a year. They even visit the member’s families’ homes, trying to bribe them with presents

TVXQ in a TV Show


(for instance Xiah Junsu) his butt

For Jaejoong, it’s his arms and chest muscles

They just touch them. grope it. 

among the hordes of people, a hand pops out of between the bodies and starts groping.

Micky’s Twitter


“It’s just…to much….I hate it.”

“the people in front of my house….I can’t think of them as anything else than antifans”

“ah…FRUSTRATION!!! the people in front of my house…Please go.”

they copy the member’s phones (this is common), they check all the calls that come to that phone. They even check all the phone numbers in the contacts list just to check if it’s a girl or not.

TV show


“I was at the Han River so I texted Yoochun and told him to come out, and when I got a reply, it said ‘who are you and why are you calling Yoochun?'”

3. The star directly pleading


mjjeje (Hero Jaejoong)_for 7 years, on busy days, I didn’t have much time to meet my friends, family and loved ones. Even that time was wasted for average 2, 3 hours on the road, and I couldn’t meet them. I don’t think that’s love. I understand why you miss us…because I did too.

All of us 5 members have experienced it; we cried at home, we cried on the streets, we were involved in car accidents, but all we saw across the glass windows of the PRIVATE TAXI CABS were smiles and smirks. Of course I tried playing angry. But not only for me, don’t go through that method of love because all it does is shorten our lifespans. I’m sorry so late at night…

Jaejoong asked G-dragon from BB if he also had PRIVATE TAXI CABS, and G-dragon didn’t know what they were. In truth, there aren’t that many singers who have PRIVATE TAXI CABS

if you type in 09 in Naver (Korean google), the auto search brings up

090104 (date) DBSK

090104 (date) Yunho

090104 (date) Junsu

090104 (date) Jaejoong

090104 (date) Yoochun

090103 (date) Jaejoong

if you type in “airport in”

in red box

DBSK airport in

if you type in “airport out”

in red box

DBSK airport out

TVXQ has been through this every single day for 9 years. PRIVATES watch everything they do and follow everywhere they go. The proof: you just type in dates and  for every single date, information about what TVXQ did where and with whom pops up on “auto search”

(In the case of Korea, the auto search only pull up words that are clicked a certain number of times, nation-wide, for a long period of time)

More below

A post that came up in a PRIVATE blog. Changmin was trying to shoo the fans in the TAXI CAB and asked them to open the window. The fans closed the window and Changmin’s hands were stuck, bleeding. The fans posted this, enjoying the fact and saying that this was “rare.”

she used a lot of “ㅋㅋㅋ” this is a character that signifies LAUGH in Korean

4. Was hit with a rock by a Chinese PRIVATE

What happened:

Changmin and Jaejoong was in the Sokcho Public road Rest place, in order to go to the bathroom. 2 PRIVATES from China followed them in, trying to get a video footage of this. Jaejoong and Changmin scolded them. Later on, the PRIVATES threw their video camera and swore at Changmin, saying the worst curse in the Chinese language.

沈昌珉 神經病 不得好死(you won’t die in peace)

Constantly hitting Changmin on the shoulders and head with a bag.

Changmin was teary, and when the other members joined him, he started crying.

Worse, that bag was full of ROCKS. This is the picture from when that happened.

These are the type of people they are dealing with.

Regarding Changmin, there was another famous happening

Changmin crying because of PRIVATES

there are a lot of versions to this story, but essentially, he 1. cried. 2. fake cried.

to get rid of the PRIVATES. He couldn’t.

-The PRIVATES posted this on their blog with pride.

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anyone who wants DBSK phone numbers or social security numbers, contact me. I’m not giving them away, I’m selling them. You can’t really say that I can’t do it.  A lot of people have been asking on the comments so I’m giving you a chance.

6. saves a PRIVATE who almost got hit by a car, BUT other PRIVATES started imitating


One PRIVATE was almost hit by a car while following Yunho around. After this, other PRIVATES started imitating her, trying to get saved by a member.

++)adding more info. some PRIVATES are known to jump into the path when members are driving. Some even ask for compensation.

7. DBSK says they want to live as an average person in the next life.


(I heard Jaejoong cried to his mother during the vacation. That he couldn’t take the PRIVATES anymore. Once DBSK was asked “what do you want to be in your after-life?” Do you know what they said? they all said that they wanted to live as a normal person. They really want to live an average life because of these PRIVATES.)

In truth, not only Jaejoong, but Yoochun mentioned that

“I don’t want to be born again in my afterlife (I don’t want to be reincarnated)”

Other Criminal Acts

-Give Junsu…the blood from…Menstrual Cycle

-Kiss Jaejoong when he is sleeping in his house

-Get Junsu involved in a car accident while following him around

-Identity theft

-Micky Camera Happening (when a PRIVATE slapped Yoochun in the face and Yoochun blocked, and then hit the girl’s elbow with his palm. later this video was spread as “Micky beating up a fangirl” This video can be found on youtube in many angles)

copying the house keys to DBSK’s home

-Changmin’s finger was broken once because of a PRIVATE

-the Rock in the Bag Happening (mentioned above)

-Identity theft with the member’s Family Social Security numbers

-Call member’s family after finding their phone numbers

-Block service of TVXQ’s cellphones and check the call list to make sure who’s a girl or not

Breaking into TVXQ’s house and look for their legal stamp in order to forge marriage papers

-Put in (their own) underwear into member’s bags

-Stealing member’s possession

They think it’s normal and common to just freely go to and from the member’s house

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(a picture of Micky’s house taken by a  PRIVATE)

*FYI This apartment is known for one HELL of a security system.

TV Show

Jaejoong (or Yoochun):

Once a member was sleeping and in the middle of the night, the sensor lights were flicking on and off, when the members checked, there was a girl standing there alone in their house


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can’t see?

look behind in the window


Hero – “For instance my cellphone just one day is randomly blocked, or lost. They print out the call list and they call my friends, to check if they are girls or not.”

Xiah – “Apparently you can hack into Hardwares. They know what I did, what music I heard through the internet.”

This is a part of a news report about PRIVATES

“Graphic Designer Hyekyung Jin (27) has also been a TVXQ PRIVATE for 2 years. She said she has ‘worked’ even harder than those Chinese and Korean fans who moved into the villa right next to the Samsung-dong (area) A Apartment where TVXQ lives together. She says ‘as I worked as a PRIVATE I meet them a lot, you can tell they are really rich.’

There are even Japanese fans who moved to Seoul and stalk them. SM entertainment PR Kim mentioned that ‘there are fans who come like they’re a part of this company. They wait all day. They vary from the students who came for education during break, and ‘gold misses’ in their 30s.’

College student Heeyoung Jung (22) has been a Xiah PRIVATE for 6 months. ‘PRIVATES don’t really take care in the official schedules,’ she said, ‘after class I go right to their (TVXQ) house; I stayed until dawn.’

Eun Ju Hong (29) who works in a department store recently bought a new car in order to work as a PRIVATE more efficiently. Until now she had used a call-van, but she reached a conclusion to buy a new car rather than to pay from $15 to $30 an hour.”

A news reporter who knew about these TVXQ PRIVATES once said,

“It’s a wonder how TVXQ doesn’t go insane.”  

There are so much that aren’t written in this post, but the happenings that are listed here were the big ones that actually gained some attention.

Ever since their debut, TVXQ has been subject to these PRIVATES for at least 9 years. Except for their homes and company grounds that they can’t come in, PRIVATES are everywhere. They are STILL a problem, even now.

Can’t you just sue them? It just doesn’t work that way. They’ve been stalked for 9 years straight; who can compensate for this loss of privacy?


in the comments of this post.

a personal account of a non-fan

“답답해서 적어요 답답하네요 이아이들 이렇게되기전에 숙소앞에 팬들에게 말도걸어주고 웃어주고 먼저 손내밀고 인사해주는 그냥 장난좋아하는 남자아이들 이엿어요 택시타고따라다니는거 …(shortened)… 제가 아는 이들의 모습은 절대 그냥 따라다녓다고 저럴 애들의 모습이 아닌데.. 잠시 핸드폰으로 판들어왔다가 답답해서 올립니다 제 생각엔 지금도 저 사생이라는 범죄자 아이들은…. 오히려 이런 이슈가 된걸 즐겁게 생각할 것 같네요”

“I am currently so angry and lost. Before they became like this they were the kind of kids who use to strike a conversation, hold out a hand to even the fans in front of their houses. They said hello and..they were just kids who liked to joke around like average guys. They never liked Taxis that followed them but who would have? But they were still worried of those PRIVATES and they use to worry them and ask them to go home because it’s dangerous. I’m not a fan…I can’t say the details but the kids that I saw..were like that. Somehow I got to know them. I helped Yoochun’s brother and mother once without knowing who they were, and Yoochun came to say thank you, and just for some reason I kept running into him in random places. Then, if he saw the fans on the Taxi pass by, the manager use to go and gently scold them not to do such dangerous things. And if the fans don’t follow anymore, the members were like “good girl. good girl” and they waved their hands goodbye. After this became an issue I saw the video and heard the recordings and it tore my heart. Jaejoong really loves his fans, you would know if you are a fan, right? Although he might look a little cold, even when fans bothered his mother’s store with prank calls, he just smiled and that was all. He seemed drunk in that recording. If someone needs to be punished, it’s these PRIVATES who are criminals, and JYJ. This is not a shield. But all I am saying is that, understand the immense pain that is behind everything. I understand because I knew them at least a little bit, so I pity them. But I saw a lot of people thinking along the same lines. Do you think they wouldn’t have tried all sorts of stuff during this long time? ….Just how far….just how far had these people gone to make Jaejoong lift his hand. I know violence is wrong, but I understand, and that’s what makes me sad. That each other makes each other. Who made these kids like this…those frivolous kids who use to hold out hands for the PRIVATES in front of their homes….why did they became like this….The kids I know aren’t the kind of people to do those stuff just because fans were following them…In my personal opinion, these PRIVATES are probably enjoying this attention, even now.

**TVXQ still has an average 150 PRIVATES following them around    

ETC 2.

이번 사건 입장바꿔 생각해보기.txt

lets think of this backwards.txt

9년~10년 동안 쫓아다니는 이름모를 남자가있음

there is a anonymous man following me around for 9-10 years

이 남자가 나한테 자기 정액묻은 팬티를 보내고

This guy sends me his underwear with his semen

내가 자고있는데 우리집 들어와서 내 얼굴 쓰담쓰담하고 볼에 뽀뽀도 함

He breaks into my house and feels my face and kisses me while I sleep

남자친구도 못만남 얼마안가면 그 남자가 무서워서 헤어지자고 그럼

I don’t have a boyfriend cuz every one of them gets scared the shit out of

내 친구가 나한테 만나자고 문자보내면 내친구한테 “넌 누군데 우리 ㅇㅇ이 불러내?”

When my friend texts me saying “when do we hang out?” He calls my friend asking “Who are you and why are you calling out ____?”

이런 보복 문자가 친구들한테 감 참다못해 핸드폰을 바꿨음 ” 핸드폰 번호 바꾸셨네요?ㅎ” 하고

I can’t take this anymore so I change my cell phone number. I get a text message. “you changed your number :)”

문자가와 내가 차를 몰고 친구만날려고 나갔음

I went out to hang out with friends

근데 남자가 택시타고 따라와서 일부로 내차를 박음 죽을뻔한적도있음

but the guy followed me on a Taxi and purposely crashes my car. I almost died.

차에서 내려 화를냈는데 웃고있는 남자 얼굴만 보임 그 남자는 내 집에들어와 속옷도 가져감

I tried being angry after getting out of the car, but all I see is the man smirking. He goes through my closet and takes my underwear

그리고 나 없을때 내집들어와서 내집 사진 찍어서 보냄 부모님 댁에 갈려는데 그 남자도 어김없이 따라옴

And when I’m not home he breaks in and takes pictures of my house and sends me. I go to my parent’s house, he follows.

어쩌다 해외출장을 가는데 해외까지 따라옴 그 남자는 내폰을 복사해서 감시함 사이트를 가입하려고 하면

I somehow go on a business trip out of the country. This man follows. He copied my phone and is constantly watching. If I try to become a member on a website, 이미 다 가입되어있음

I’m already a member

그남자는 지나가는 나를 보면 싸대기를 때리기도함 그리고 지나가는 내 가슴도 만지고 소중이 터치도함

This man just slaps me in the face for no reason when I walk on the streets. He also gropes on my breasts and touches my private space.

이 생활이 9년간 지속됨

This goes on for 9 years

그리고 내가 술한잔 먹고나왔는데 그 남자가 그앞에 나를 빤히 보고있다면?

So I had a drink. And I walk out and the guy is staring at me.

신고도 여러번했지만 초범이라 풀려나고 경찰에선 크게 신경 안씀 니가 좋아서 그랬다함.

I already called the police, but it’s his “first offense” so the police don’t really care. They say he did it because he loved me.

++)addition of information: currently there are about 800,000 official Cassiopeias in Korea. They are the “Official members” who bothered to go on the website and go through the strenuous “level test.” There are approximately 300,000 Official Bigeast Fans (Japanese fansite). These people are those who PAID to become fans. This kind of gives you an idea of how wide the TVXQ fanbase is. Amongst these people, there are those who are like the heartless morons up there. Currently, the Cassiopeia fanbase DOES NOT regard the PRIVATES as an official fan; exactly why they are not called PRIVATE fans. They are just PRIVATES. (morons, in my opinion)

The conclusion of this Post is not to avert the clear offense that Jaejoong inflicted. That, clearly, was a mistake. Violence is not something that should be excusable under circumstances. However, these circumstances in turn, can show REASONS. We are human. Before we are a woman or a fan or a Korean or a foreigner, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. Judge for yourself if what happened now, or actually, what happened back in 2009 recorded in that mp3 file, is really such an issue. As a Korean Cassiopeia who translated this and had to go through numerous posts to gather data, I feel sick after reading this more than three times. There are SO MUCH MORE. I just couldn’t get myself to translate it all. My plea is, know who you are a fan of. Because he is not what the Media criticized him to be. Above all, he is, like us, a human being.

**All information above was filtered; those postings that did not include video/ picture footage or proof was omitted. The quotes are from TV shows that you can look up online.

++)addition of information: currently there are about 800,000 official Cassiopeias in Korea. They are the “Official members” who bothered to go on the website and go through the strenuous “level test.” There are approximately 300,000 Official Bigeast Fans (Japanese fansite). These people are those who PAID to become fans. This kind of gives you an idea of how wide the TVXQ fanbase is. Amongst these people, there are those who are like the heartless morons up there. Currently, the Cassiopeia fanbase DOES NOT regard the PRIVATES as an official fan; exactly why they are not called PRIVATE fans. They are just PRIVATES. (morons, in my opinion)

+++) I didn’t know this, but apparently PRIVATES weren’t as reprimanded here(US) as in Korea. Some websites just use their postings and pictures…In most Korean DBSK fansites, it is officially BANNED to post ANY information/picture/video from a PRIVATE source. (even though the media doesn’t agree). I hope this would change things in the International Fandom about…these sources.

++) some people apparently cannot trust the info on this document (despite the painstakingly investigated pictures and videos and quotes and testimonies and documentary sources). All I can tell you is that this information has been known by the Korean fans for a long longggg amount of time…probably for the 9 years that this has happened. Official fans have tried in some ways to prevent these PRIVATES but since PRIVATES aren’t a set group of people, there’s really no way for a third person to get involved. It’s just that before this there was no reason for this topic to be mentioned in the International Fandom. The Official Cassiopeias (mostly from the Daum Cafe: Yuaerubi) periodically try to educate the younger fans so that they would not become PRIVATES, with the posting above that was translated.


T/N: A better caps image can be seen on the original source#

Translation: Misang from TVXQ & JYJ Allfan Cafe: Olleh Cassiopeia
Initial Distribution through: thornlily.tumblr.com / http://sulpumisang.tumblr.com/
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[GENERAL] 120228 What Does K-pop’s Worldly Growth Mean To You?

The power of K-Pop hallyu wave has replicated itself from groups such as Girls’ Generation, KARA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SHINee, f(x), Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM, JYJ and more is quite impressive.

As previously reported on KpopStarz the country’s image is closely related to K-Pop. For instance Korea as a country becomes more widespread as number views on YouTube video is more than 2.3 billion total from 235 countries.

In the past it was difficult to image Korean culture to enter and become center stage of entertainment field around the world. Even last year people were still skeptical of K-Pop fans who have gathered in Paris and London.

It’s not a complicated to come up with the reason why K-Pop has come to be so successful. It was the perfect preparation executed by the label companies that were very systematic in casting, training, producing and global promotion. As only few out of many make it to endure the hardship of being a trainee not only that the advent of social media couldn’t have been better with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

However what made the impossible, possible was the hard work, tears and sweat of the trainees who endured to become the stars they have longed to be. No one can imagine the hardship they faced as a young teenager to be trained for more than 7 years in different fields such as dance, singing, acting, languages and others.

Regardless of the field, there’s no difference in other fields to become successful even in golf. Seri Park was a hero of Korea 10 years ago as she was the first Korean to win the WPGA golf championship which no one thought it was possible. She shared that she climbed the stairs 20 flights going up and down every day, practiced in the cemetery to become braver. Kyoung Joo Choi who won the PGA 8 times shared, “If you set a goal to hit the ball 1000 times a day and hit 999 then you lose.”

Now days the buzz has been around Jeremy Lin. Before his popularity and fame, none of the basketball team wanted him to join their teams, he failed to be picked up in the draft.

Kobe Bryant, one of the best players in NBA who didn’t know the existence of Lin before the game shared after their match, “Players don’t come out of nowhere, if you track back his past, he probably possessed the skill but no one noticed it from the beginning. He didn’t give up and continued on. It’s a great testament to perseverance and hard work. I am sure he had to put a great amount of work to have the belief he has for himself. And now he has the opportunity to show it.”

It may be true that Jeremy Lin came in the spotlight because he was too good or because of his race, but many say that it’s because no one had expected him to do well. And now he is being loved and giving courage to many others.

The way to achieve an impossible goal is to do your best to the point of death. Looking at the great stars before us, we learn that impossible can be possible and anything can happen. Let’s go on with hope remembering the saying of Barak Obama, “Yes we can.”

Source: kpopstarz
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[GENERAL] 120227 Oricon Charts President: “Too Many K-Pop Artists Rushing To Japanese Market”


Koike Koh, the CEO of Japan’s Oricon Charts, made an important comment regarding the influx of Korean artists into Japan. He stated, “The metabolism of Korean artists and music seems too fast for Japanese market. Japanese fans might get tired of them since way too many of them are rushing to enter the market. This might negatively effect Hallyu, the Korean wave.” 

Oricon Charts is considered the ultimate measure of success in Japan for many Korean artists. Oricon started compiling daily, weekly, and monthly charts based on sales records of approximately 26,000 music record stores all over Japan. Oricon charts’ influence and credibility measure up to that of the U.S.’s Billboard Charts. Oricon Charts is well known to Koreans as many K-pop artists like BoA, Jang Geun Suk, Kara, and Girls’ Generation have been ranked high on them.

Koike Koh visited Korea to partake in Gaon Charts K-Pop Awards. When asked about the future of K-pop in Japan, he pointed out that K-pop might have some roadblocks ahead. He commented, “For now, the feminine looks and images of Girls’ Generation and Kara are attracting many fans, but this is a very limited side of K-pop. Korean artists need to be more diversified to continue their success in Japan. Japanese fans expect something new that these artists have never shown before, not even in Korea. Recently, many Korean artists are staying in Japan only for a short period of time, remaining within the metropolitan areas. While this is working for now, this may pose as a roadblock in the future of K-pop in gaining more wide ranged popularity within Japan.” 

Koh added, “For Korean artists to continue their success, the roles of leading Hallyu figures like TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and Kara are very important. They have had huge success in Japan. But once their popularity and impact start to diminish, so will K-pop in general. Then people will see Hallyu as a temporary phenomenon.”

However, Koh was not entirely pessimistic about K-Pop. He highly valued the strategic preparation of K-pop and Korean artists and their strong fan base. He pointed out, “When you look at the Korean artists who’s made it to the top of Oricon charts, they have great musical talent and very unique visual concepts that have been strategically prepared for. Most of their songs were ranked highly on Oricon charts almost instantly after their releases. Also, many fans were previously aware of these artists through the Internet before they made their official Japanese debuts. Therefore, these artists gain a very solid fan base upon their debut.” 

Koh also talked about the recent anti-Hallyu movement, which led to the cancellation of Kim Tae Hee’s Tokyo CF promotion. He dismissed this anti-Hallyu movement as a phenomenon restricted to a very small population. He said, “In my opinion, Kim Tae Hee and her agency overreacted in this case. The anti-Hallyu movement is not a major thing at all. Most Japanese people view Korean artists and entertainment very favorably. They enjoy K-Pop and K-Drama very much. Korean artists should not pay much attention to the distorted and disturbing opinions of the few.”

Source: soompi
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[GENERAL] 120229 Korea’s Ministry Of Culture And Tourism Plans To Build Special Venue For K-Pop Artists


Korea’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism is scheduled to hold a seminar on February 29th to discuss the need to construct a special arena-style venue, and to examine the direction it needs to go and what key issues they may face. Additionally, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also announce its plans to construct a special venue for K-Pop artists.

The Ministry revealed through a press release on the 28th the difficulties that many popular K-Pop artists face in finding a big venue for their shows, stating “The popular music market has increased over 74% in just the past year alone (the average annual increase is about 40%). Despite this impressive growth, the Olympic Stadium is the only indoor venue in Korea that is large enough to accommodate over 10,000 people.”

They continued to explain the need to construct a large venue, saying “Currently, a lot of domestic agencies are sending their artists on arena tours overseas, but in our own country the infrastructure for supporting popular culture is very poor and top musicians cannot properly express their passion and creativity in their own country due to limitations in stage setup, sound quality, lights, and facilities.”

Also, the ministry elaborated that “the government, in order to further aid K-Pop in becoming a global phenomenon and to spread its foundation, needs to establish a better venue infrastructure. The first step is to discuss the need to build an arena-style venue, the direction it should take, and any other key issues with professionals and experts in the music industry in order to receive varied feedback.”

In addition to improving the K-Pop venue infrastructure, the Ministry also plans to construct a multimedia mega-facility with studios, rehearsal rooms, and 3D imaging equipment.

Source + Image: OSEN
Credit: allkpop
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[GENERAL] 120227 The Increase Of Global Popularity Of K-Pop Stars, Decreases Korea Regional Tour


Idol groups who has raised up the national brand as well as Korea’s economy, spreading Korean culture in different parts of the world has now come to face a dilemma as the chances to meet the local fans in Korea has come to be scarce.

The number of concerts in Korea has decreased compared to the increase in world tours. It’s already been 3 years since an idol group held a national Korea tour.

Big Bang concert in 2008 is considered to be most recent local tour in Korea. There are concerts of 2PM in 2010 in Busan, 2011 JYJ’s Busan, Kwangju concert however those are only one concert in several local cities.

TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD (Girls’ Generation) haven’t recently held any concerts while BEAST, 2NE1, KARA, INFINITE has held concert in Seoul only.

This led the fans gather from different parts of Korea to come to Seoul to see their favorite idol group in a concert. The fans would rent a bus together there are times when the entertainment company would coordinate a schedule for the fans to easily join the concerts in Seoul.

As a new trend emerges for idol group concerts in Korea, it is setting a new concert culture for both the fans and stars.

Regardless fans are excited to see their favorite stars gain popularity all over the world.

Source: kpopstarz
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