[TRANS] 130121 [Interview] What Songs Have A Story Behind Them For JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong?

What songs have a story behind them for JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong?
-My album is one that I have a lot of affection for because I wrote two of the songs.

Please introduce your album and greet your Cyworld fans 
Hello, everyone who loves Cyworld Music, this is Jaejoong. I’ve come to greet you all with my solo mini album. I participated heavily in writing the lyrics for this album and.. I tried to express the emotions I feel at every moment in my songs. My album is one that I have a lot of affection for because I wrote two of the songs.

This is your first musical activity in a while, how do you feel, are you nervous? (Question by Shin * Young)
Yes, since JYJ’s Korean album release and world tour, I’ve focused on my acting through dramas and movies, so this album’s release is.. um.. yes.. I am nervous but.. it’s not a bad feeling, it’s more like an excited anticipation. I’m really glad to be greeting you all with music for the first time in a while. This is my first solo album since making my debut, and I filled it with music that I aim to pursue. I think that’s why it feels more special to me.

How did it feel, preparing an album as a solo singer instead of as a member of JYJ? From when did you start planning on going solo? (Question by Kim * Hyung)
Um.. I think there isn’t much of a difference between a JYJ album and a solo album. The beginning process of writing songs and recording them is really fun. If I had to differentiate between the two, I would say that when we make music as JYJ, there’s a certain joy that I feel when we blend our voices together to create harmonies, and each member’s part amplifies that member’s strengths. What made me happy about this latest album was that I was able to fill it with the thoughts and music I had been aiming for. One of the many reasons as to why I’m happy is because I’m able to show people a different side of me.

How did you feel when you first heard this song (Mine), and what were you thinking of when you sang this song? (Question by Jo * Suk)
When I first heard the guide, I thought, ‘Ah, I can take this song and put in my thoughts and feelings.’ I thought it was an intense song that would be great in carrying my message across. I felt an excited anticipation that once we were done arranging and mixing the song, it would become a very sophisticated piece. When I sing this song, I don’t really think about anything specific. I just channel how I’m feeling into the song.

 What have you been up to these days? I’m curious as to what you’re doing? (Question by Kim * Il)
I’m been doing very well. 2012 was a very busy year for me. I went on a world tour, filmed a drama, shot a movie and promoted that movie. I was busy up till Winter and right after that, I started working on my album. I received a short break at the end of the year, so I visited the elementary school I used to go to, as well as my childhood hometown. I even went on a trip to Busan with my friends. I work, I take breaks to recharge, and I go on vacation; that’s how I’ve been doing these days. It made working on the songs that much easier and better. I wasn’t confined to a set mold, so my thoughts were able to roam free and countless melody lines were popping into my head. I think that’s why I always work on songs after acting,  going on vacation, or going on a tour. They became the drive that kept my album moving forward.

Tell us about your future plans.
I can’t reveal all my plans for the first half of the year yet. I’ve released an album, and I’m planning on holding a very special concert. I’m busy preparing for that concert, and I’m having so much fun with it. Whenever we’re in a meeting, I have so much fun in the preparation process because ideas keep popping up between the personnel and I. The first, second and third part of the concert are being prepared as though they are separate concerts. Because I like talking to the fans and seeing eye to eye with them, the concert will really be “I’m giving you all everything I have~” with a fanmeet, a talk and a mini concert. I’m happy to know that we’ll be creating a new kind of concert. Please give it your anticipation. It will be held at the KINTEX on the 26th and 27th.

Songs that have a story behind them for Kim Jaejoong

1) For you – Lim Jae Beom
I’m planning on holding a mini concert where I sing the songs in my solo mini album as the third part of my concert. This song will be one of the other songs I sing. It’s a song with such great lyrics.

2) Gangnam Style – Psy
Psy has always had confidence and pride as a singer-songwriter, and in that meaning, we could say that this really is Psy’s Gangnam Style. It’s such a fun and charming song that I found myself remixing this song while working on some songs one day. That’s probably why it’s loved by people all over the world, no matter what language they speak.

3) Though I Loved You – Kim Kwang Seok
My upcoming concert has the title ‘Your, My and Mine’. We set up an event to fit with the concept that this will be a concert that we create with fans. We decided that I would sing a song that the fans chose at my concert. So this song was chosen. This song also has emotional lyrics that are very charming.

4) Infinite Challenge’s ‘Park Myung Soo’s How About It?’. Grasshopper World
Jae Seok is such an awesome person. He never ceases to surprise me when he gets on stage. JYJ’s dance team worked with Yoo Jae Seok on his Grasshopper World performance. The melody and lyrics are unique and I was surprised by the quality of the performance. When I appeared on Happy Together, he said to me, “Jaejoong, I can recognize your talent as an entertainer.” He’s a grateful senior who gave me a reason to nurture my dream as an entertainer in the variety sector. I will prove my humor at my concert! ^^

5) Memories of the Wind – Naul
It’s a song I’ve been listening to a lot these days. I love the melody, his tone, and the lyrics. It’s a song that’s overflowing with charm. And the title is Memories of the Wind.. I think everyone should listen to it when they’re alone.

A personalized signature from Kim Jaejoong

To everyone at CyMusic~!
Please give my solo album ‘I’ your love.

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[Trans] 121214 Kim Jaejoong, “Received Joy Due To Acting… The New Vitalizer”‏

The year of 2012 should be unforgettable for Kim Jaejoong (27). As this is a meaningful year where he is able to remove the frame of ‘JYJ’ and gained his own success as an actor. Receiving attention through drama ‘Dr Jin’, he recently made his first step towards the big screen with ‘Code Name: Jackal’.

Despite such busy schedule, Kim Jaejoong did not laze in this particular aspect. And that is his interior designing of his own house.

“I have a pretty good feel with interior designing. Haha!”

The minute the topic of interior designing came out, he revealed his cheerful smile and can’t stop chatting about it. He said, “I really love my current house.”, “Thus I would spend my free time on interior designing.” Kim Jaejoong ever revealed his own house decor through SNS last November. The simple round table, exquisite chandelier, clean marble flooring and wallpaper etc. His house reminds others of a ‘Boutique Hotel’.

“It’s been a year. The decor has changed too. I am the type who would change it once I got tired of it.”

Speaking of it, he showed his living room’s photos that were in his handphone. A horse statue of almost a female’s height came to my attention. As I was commenting, “The horse sculpture is very handsome.”, I received a reply, “That is not a sculpture. It’s a lamp.”

“This is one of the work that I like a lot. I did not managed to get it easily. I like lamps a lot too. There are a about 2 to 3 standing lamps in each room.”

There are not only lamps in Kim Jaejoong’s house. There are a lot of other interesting decors. He, who likes modern arts, displayed a lot of ornaments which are very artistic, giving it an accomplished look.

“Basic furnitures like sofa and tables has to be simpler the better. Other items will be chosen to be the focus point and to be design works with a personality and feel.”

Kim Jaejoong who has a penchant for interior designing smiled and said, “The love for interior designing is almost to the state of abandoning friends. Even the cats that I love have been given away.”

“I love to invite friends to my home but if they came to my house, they would touch my favourite art piece and left their finger printings on it. My clock was even spoilt. Between interior design and friends, it’s been very troubling. (laughs) I can’t keep my cats too. Previously I had cats and it scratched and ruined my beloved blue leather sofa. Thus I gave it away to my sister.”

A question was post to Kim Jaejoong who ended his movie filming, “Now that you have ample time, your house should be even better-looking now, right.”

“I am currently choosing my next work. Acting gave me joy while interior designing is something that can be done daily. It has no effect on my schedules. Shall I disclose my house next time? (laughs)”

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[INTERVIEW] 121123 Kim Jaejoong, “Breaking-up with my first love because of the dream of becoming a singer… The sorrow of parting lasts long”


There are many passionate stars but passionate stars that also have courage are rare. In fact, they are limited by the image they have built. In that sense, the move/decision made by singer-actor Kim Jaejoong is very noteworthy.

◇ Kim Jaejoong’s screen debut, <Code name: Jackal>

“I was amazed by the fact that my acting was shown on the big screen. I felt burdensome and also had mixed feelings. Everybody all worried about my public image but I didn’t worry at all. Instead, I really looked forward to showing people a side of me that they have never seen before.”

According to actress Song Jihyo, there were many ad-libs in the filming process.

“It’s not that ad-libs happened because I wanted them to. Since the director didn’t make the ‘cut’ sign, I was just acting naturally. (Laugh) Unlocking the phone with my chin, telling Jackal  ‘How much I was looking for you’, etc. are my ideas. Rather than the challenge of comedi acting, the fact that I was tied throughout the movie was actually harder for me. There were also some embarrassing scenes, like the scene in the bathroom. Haha. It was very embarrassing.”

Instead of singer or actor Kim Jaejoong, I want to see entertainer Kim Jaejoong more. Kim Jaejoong actually likes variety shows a lot. He also expressed his frustration toward the broadcasting restriction, “I have confidence that I could do very well [on variety shows but I can’t appear].”


◇ Kim Jaejoong’s love and separation, “the sorrow of parting lasts long”

“The problem of stalker, sponsor, etc. is not the story of some certain individuals. It’s one of the the most irritating problems that occur in entertainment industry. Since I work in entertainment industry, I can empathize. The arduous time before becoming a star, the fear of losing popularity, etc.”

Choi Hyun is a romantic star who writes songs for the girl he loves. But on the other hand, he can betray her for his success. Did Kim Jaejoong have such experiences?

“Rather than betrayal, I have broken up with my girlfriend because I reserved time for my dream more than for her. I first met her when I was in 6th year of elementary school. She is my first love and we dated for 4 years and 8 months. I think I have never written a song for a woman but there are songs containing my feelings after parting. Almost all the songs I made are sad songs. For me, the sorrow of parting lasts long. At times like that, many songs come out.”

◇ Kim Jaejoong’s 10th debut anniversary

Next year is already Kim Jaejoong’s 10th debut anniversary. Together with JYJ’s members, he is walking steadily on his path. He smiled and shared his thoughts about turning 30, “I think I’ll still be the same. Maybe there will be something new when I turn 34. I can’t wait till that time.”

“When I go to the places that I visited during in my debut days or when I listen to the music of those days, I’ll think of the past. [In the past] I got a lot of love and also experienced many ups and downs. However, the conclusion is that, I am really happy now. I’m making music and I have new motivation to continue acting. Above all, I’m glad that I didn’t grow a lot older compared to 10 years ago. Haha.”

Although Kim Jaejoong is known as the networker in entertainment world, he’s actually “not the type that likes to meet people.” He feels insecure when he goes to places that have a lot of people. At my surprised expression, he said that it was ‘a symptom that every celebrity has’. Then I asked about the hobby of Kim Jaejoong, of normal life’s Kim Jaejoong, not singer or actor Kim Jaejoong.

“I like yakju (T/N: literally “medicinal alcohol”). My fans usually give my all kinds of liquor in the world as gifts, such as whiskey, cognac, sake, etc. Yesterday I wanted to stay home to write a song. I don’t know if it was because the weather was so nice or because I was stressed that I couldn’t write anything. So I had one shot of cognac and 2 shots of whiskey and then quickly fall asleep. I’m living my life with such fun. Haha. Also, I was a gaming nerd last year but I have given it up this year. Instead, I enjoy hiking and bike-riding along Han river.”


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[INTERVIEW] 121122 Kim Jaejoong In Song Jihyo’s Eyes? “He’s Soft-Hearted But Never Shows It.”


Song Jihyo explained, I think Jaejoong will have to answer many difficult questions concerning sasaeng fans, sponsor, etc. in interviews as he plays Choi Hyun, a Hallyu star, and as relevant scenes also appear in the movie. He won’t absolutely show it but I think behind those not-easy-to-deal-with interviews, his feelings get hurt. He’s delicate like that.

Since he had to filmed <Dr. Jin> at the same time, it happened often that he only got to sleep 30 minutes a day. Despite that, he has never show sign of tiredness at the filming location. Even if he was half asleep and half awake with dark circles under his eyes, once the camera was on, he would do his job properly. I felt very badly seeing him fall asleep on the bed at the set during a short break.”

She added, Actually, when people are tired or sick, they are bound to act selfish. I felt thankful yet sorry that he wasn’t like that.”

[Jaejoong-unrelated parts omitted]

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[INTERVIEW] 121123 Kim Jaejoong “Box Office Failure… Can I Expect Too Much At First Attempt?”


<Code name: Jackal> is the debut movie of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (26) but the box office result is not really good. He still has a long way to go. The movie was released on big screen on the 15th and cumulative audience number is 180.000. However, he is not disappointed and brightly smiles.

It’s sad but it’s OK. You can’t expect too much at your first attempt. Even great actors can fail. I’m still thankful that I could get a foothold in film industry. Thanks to this movie, I have motivation to keep going with other movies.

Toward his ‘messy’ image in <Code name: Jackal>, Kim Jaejoong doesn’t feel burdened or worried. As many people like the ‘decorated’ image of mine, I did worry that it might hurt their feelings. However, there are also people who like that [messy] image. That’s why I could feel relieved. It’s just that, the tension and the pressure were still there because I’m the main lead.

I didn’t think about the box office while filming. Instead, I was worried about how singer-turn-actor Kim Jaejoong can harmonize naturally with other actors/actresses. I also wanted to show that I was taking on a new challenge, just like when I did <Protect the Boss> and <Dr. Jin>.”


I asked him if he has thought about the reason why JYJ is so famous. He said, “You know that we don’t have freedom [to do what we want to do]. We’re trying hard to do what we can within this unfair fence. I think, seeing such unfortunate situation, many more people are willing to help us. There should have had many ways for us to communicate with our fans but we’re limited. However [thanks to that] we got the concentration because we don’t have any place other than the concert venue. That’s why other people might think that we’re very famous.” (Laugh)

After breaking out of DBSK, their fight with SM Entertainment is still ongoing. Their appearance is blocked on both terrestrial and cable TV. Kim Jaejoong expressed, “I feel like we’re riding a wave of twists and turns.” In the middle of an immense popularity, they had experienced the bottom and then stood up again. “I think those experiences are fruitful. I’m looking forward to the future of 10 years later.”


Aside from music activities, JYJ’s members are expanding into the acting field. Although Kim Jaejoong has set foot in the film industry, it’s regrettable that his popularity is not like other members’. Does he envy his members? And what advice do the members give to each other?

“I don’t envy my members. I’m the type that is severe with myself. If you look at the bigger picture, this process is very helpful to me. Also, we respect and admire each other. So, we don’t give each other advice. We believe in our own abilities. I know that we’re not the type of person that can live comfortably without ambition. ‘Only if I have motivation, I can surely make it!’ I’m trying harder with that thought.” (Laugh)


One more year slips by and he will welcome his 10th debut anniversary. Kim Jaejoong said, “10 years ago, I have thought about 10 years later. Now that 10 years passed by, I think I’m on the path that I want to go.” He burst out laughing by saying jokingly, “I’m glad that, luckily, compared to 10 years ago, Junsu, Yoochun and I haven’t become old men.”

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[INTERVIEW] 121123 Kim Jaejoong: “Overcoming Appearance Complex With Acting”


*Appearance complex: Jaejoong is not happy with his looks because people only look at his appearance and think that he has no talent.

It’s necessary now to add one more title to ‘Hallyu idol star’ – ‘movie actor’.  JYJ Kim Jaejoong is full-fledgedly targeting domestic big screens.

After [almost] 10 years since debut, people only recall his ‘flower boy’ image. The audience of the movie might be a little surprised to see his ‘spoilt’ image.

I met Kim Jaejoong in a cafeteria in Jongno-gu, Seoul. He said ‘Hello’ first to me, which made me impressed. Unlike his cold looking appearance, he has the delicate charm of a native Korean youth of 26 years.

“Many people said that they didn’t expect that ‘spoilt’ image of mine. It was great that I was able to express various emotions in dramas. I was also glad that I got to work with Song Jihyo who is in the same company with me. I wanted to take opportunity as a rookie movie actor.” 

Throughout the interview, he emphasized that he “doesn’t want to become an actor in one stroke.” He is satisfied to learn even from just one drama/movie. Kim Jaejoong who initially didn’t dream of becoming an actor confessed that he wanted to break free from the preconception of the public.

“At the beginning, I had the opportunity to try acting by chance, which somehow made me feel sorry towards my colleagues. I didn’t want to read the script in front of the members who were preparing to become actors. But now, I think that acting is interesting. I had serious appearance complex when I was younger. I wanted to break the ‘wall’ inside of me through the variety of acting.”

“After debut, even if I was just standing still, a lot of people asked me if I was angry. I also heard many people say ‘I don’t like him. He doesn’t give me good impression’. However if we go abroad, other members envy me the most. Maybe because I look unique, many overseas fans like me more. (Laugh) But I told my members that I envied them more. ‘You guys have a lot of fans and not much anti-fans in the country where we are born.’ I told them. Because of that appearance complex, the desire to use acting to get rid of that shell that I have made myself grew bigger. It’s not the matter of time. I don’t have confidence to do well right away either. I want to do it step by step, little by little.”

I can feel the sincerity in his words. I will celebrate his 10th debut anniversary next year but he said that he needs to constantly control his mind in order to break the preconception and misconception surrounding him.


He first realized his interest toward acting when he was filming <Dr. Jin>. Filming drama and movie at the same time, he was exhausted both physically and mentally. “Filming movie and drama, one is contemporary, other is historical but I didn’t feel scared.” So I mischievously asked him if he had ‘star disease’ and entered his van right after hearing the ‘cut’ sign. “For me, the filming set was a haven of peace. I preferred the bed at the set than my van. They had made the set like a real motel. When I was sleeping there, I could feel that the staffs were walking very careful so that they wouldn’t wake me. (Laugh) We’re close and comfortable with each other like a family.”

Kim Jaejoong introduced <Code name: Jackcal> as a movie that “the more you watch, the more you find it attractive”. As it’s his big screen debut, there is still something lacking but he never regrets it. Unlike the singer that can taste the failure often because it’s a profession where it is easy to hit the limit, the actor can find him/herself the chance to learn and grow in every movie/drama. That fact is quite attractive. Kim Jaejoong has quickly realized that charm of acting.

“Aside from music, acting helps me to refreshingly develop myself. It’s a tonic, a stimulant. If people do only one thing over and over again, they might fall into idleness and become haughty. I like the feeling of receiving reprimands and compliments when I do something new. The more I do it (acting), the more I have ambition and motivation to do it more. I hope for support from everyone.”

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[INTERVIEW] 121124 JYJ’s Jaejoong Speaks Of His Experience Filming ‘Code Name Jackal’


Through his roles in dramas such as ‘Protect the Boss‘ and ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘, JYJ‘s Jaejoong has proven his competence as a formidable actor. However, he recently revealed in an interview that he wanted to try something different after his more serious roles.

This urge led him to consider ‘Code Name Jackal’ (directed by Bae Hyung Joon), where he would be able to play a more comedic character. “I always want to show something new about myself,” he confessed. “With ‘Code Name Jackal’, I wanted to do that. I’ve always played serious, heavy roles, so I wanted to spread the word that there are other sides of me, too.”

“Through my character [in ‘Code Name Jackal’], I wanted to play a more trickster, sarcastic role,” he revealed. “A lot of my personal self is melted into my ‘Jackal’ character.”


Although the film itself is not doing as well as he had hoped – against big names such as ‘Wolf Boy‘ and overseas releases – Jaejoong considered the experience to be worth it. “Personally, the mere fact that I did a film was a great chance and opportunity. Of course we must consider the success of the film, but I feel that the movie was a way for me to show myself. It was a wonderful chance and I gained many things as well. I think that acting for this film gave me strength in life, as well as giving me motivation for music.”

While filming, Jaejoong experienced the true craziness and rush of a film set. “We really filmed like crazy,” he said. “I often dozed in the middle of shooting. If I ate, I would’ve given up on sleep; if I slept, I would’ve given up on eating. In order to combine the two, I ate vitamin supplements.”

Despite his grueling and hectic schedule as an actor and artist, Jaejoong sometimes thinks about a normal life. When asked what he would like to do if he had the chance to be an ordinary citizen, he answered, “Firstly, I want to go to a bustling roadside stand. I’d eat tasty food and have a drink, then get over my hangover the day after. Then I’d go shopping and sightseeing. It’s been 8 years since I’ve visited Dongdaemun [a landmark in Seoul]. I also want to go to the amusement park and go on all the rides I want. I’ve visited a few times due to filming, but I’ve never been on anything.”


However, Jaejoong also recognized the benefits of his celebrity status, especially pointing out his fans that had supported him since his debut. “I’ve had many incidents and fallen on hard times, and every time I’m grateful to my fans,” he said. “Because I was with you, I was able to get over my suffering and pain.”

One particular encounter with a fan is emblazoned into his memory, Jaejoong recounted. “I once told a fan to study hard prior to the exam, and she ended up placing first. There’s also a fan who got into Waseda University in Japan. It was a moment where I realized the importance of my relationship with my fans.”

“For those of you who have yet to watch ‘Code Name Jackal’, I hope you’ll go into it with an easy mindset and ready to laugh. There are a lot of positive traits hidden in our movie. The more you see it, the more film-like it becomes. Thanks for your interest.” he finished.


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[INTERVIEW] 121122 Song Jihyo: “Kim Jaejoong Has A Lot Of Talents.”


[Only Jaejoong-related parts are translated]

Song Jihyo proudly talked about their teamwork, “I’m the type that usually takes long time to get to know my co-actor/actress. And because of my expectation [about the co-actor/actress], I always regret later. But this time, because I don’t need time to be acquainted with him, we helped each other by talking about the movie and had fun filming.”

She also said, “At that time, Jaejoong was having hard time because he was filming drama too. Even though, he has never complained about it even once. I thought that he fit the character well when I read the scenario. I believed that he could do well.”

Song Jihyo added, “He’s a delightful and simple person. He also has a lot of talents. Jaejoong absorbed the atmosphere like he absorbed the space itself, as if he had been there for long time. It would be tough if he didn’t have natural talent.”

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[INTERVIEW] 121122 ‘Code Name: Jackal’ Kim Jaejoong “Tears Come Out When I Think Of The Past”


In the interview with Nocut News, Kim Jaejoong revealed, “In the early phase of the scenario, I was just being me. Of course it was not the case in the later part of the story but I think everybody would be like that if they were kidnapped.“

“In the movie, there is a scene where I told Bong Minjung ‘It was so hard for me in the past. I don’t want to live that life again. I am doing just fine now.’ It’s not a scene with extreme emotion and I didn’t have to cry but I found myself shedding tears. That cut was used in the movie but it actually wasn’t in the original script. There were many before-debut stories that I couldn’t tell. Maybe my tears fell because of those thoughts.“

Last time at the showcase, director Bae Hyungjoon has praised the ‘messy’ image of Kim Jaejoong. About this, Kim Jaejoong humbly said, “I think he feels relieved seeing me let go of all restrictions without hesitation.  And it seems that he liked the ad-libs [that I made]. Maybe he praised me because I has quickly adapted.“

I asked if his fans were shocked by his ‘messy’ image and received a surprising answer. He said, “I think my fans like it very much as they can see various images of mine. Actually, I also thought that they would love it when I was filming.”

Kim Jaejoong is expanding his territory as an actor. He said, “Acting is a new domain. The more I do it, the more I find it refreshing and attractive. It gives motivation to keep going in the future.”

But it doesn’t mean that Kim Jaejoong would neglect activities as a singer. He promised, “All the members are busy with individual activities. Therefore, we are preparing in advance for new album in spare time. I’ll continue music activities as JYJ and as individual.”

Like he said, JYJ members have many individual activities now. Drama <I miss you> of Park Yoochun is on air. Kim Junsu continues his musical activities. Like this, it cannot avoid the situation that they have to compete with each other. Even though, the presence of the members is still his great source of strength.

Kim Jaejoong expressed his honest feeling, “The members have activities in the same fields and our activities overlap. That’s why we might feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. We are trying our best not to overlap each other.”

“When the members have activity (album, drama), I give a lot of support and promote it a lot. But they don’t do the same to me. Recently when I was having a meal together with Junsu and my company’s staffs told him ’Shouldn’t you evidently help to promote [Jaejoong]?’ The support of the members is really my great source of strength.“

Credit: Nocutnews via Nate
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[VIDEO] 121118 Jaejoong’s Interview For Chosun Media

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