[NEWS] 130117 C-JeS releases details regarding JYJ’s lawsuit victory over Avex + Avex announces its intentions to appeal

After the initial announcement regarding JYJ‘s win against AvexC-JeS Entertainment has revealed details regarding the ruling received.

According to C-JeS, the Japanese court ruled that Avex cannot insist on JYJ’s sole management in Japan, and ordered the management company to pay JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment 660 million Yen (~ 7.3 million USD). The court also acknowledged the fact that Avex has defamed C-JeS’s CEO, and as such, ruled that they also pay the CEO 1 million Yen (~ 11,000 USD).

To recap, JYJ and Avex suspended their exclusive contract back in 2010 and as the conflict of promoting in Japan escalated between them, Avex had released a public notice that falsely claimed that C-JeS’s CEO was affiliated with gangsters and brought about the halt of promotions in Japan for the group. They also insisted that they had sole management over JYJ’s Japanese activities and interfered with the group’s attempt to put on a charity concert back in 2011, which led to the lawsuit.

In response to the ruling received in court today (18th), Avex has already made it clear through an announcement on their homepage that they cannot accept the decision and that they will be filing an appeal.

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[NEWS] Kim Jae Joong’s Bus Promotion Excites Fans for His Solo Comeback

Recently to promote his upcoming solo comeback, JYJ’s member Kim Jae Joongreleased posters and several buses decorated with his picture in Seoul.

On January 15 on eNEWS, Kim Jae Joong’s agency C-JeS Entertainmentannounced, “We have finally launched the promotion for Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming album. The fans will now be able to see Kim Jae Joong’s face everywhere including the buses, building walls, and search engines such as Naver andDaum.”

Kim Jae Joong has already released one of the songs titled “One Kiss,” which has achieved number one rank on the iTunes’ Rock Chart in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. In addition, tickets for his upcoming solo concert on January 26 and 27 have already been sold out, proving that his new album will undoubtedly be successful.

The promotional teaser images of Kim Jae Joong can now be seen on several buses and the major shopping malls in cities including Seoul, Kang Nam and Myung Dong.

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[TRANS] 130111 A Surprise Event For Kim Jaejoong’s Solo Concert ‘I’ll Sing Any Song You Want’

Kim Jaejoong will be holding a surprise event for fans.

Kim Jaejoong, who will be holding his ‘Your, My and Mine’ solo concert on the 26th and 27th of January, is holding a special event where he will sing songs that the fans want to hear him sing during his concert.

The event to choose the songs will be held on the 12th from 7pm to 9pm for two hours on JYJ’s official Facebook page. All fans need to do is leave a comment with ‘One Korean song fans want Kim Jaejoong to sing at his concert’ on the special event post. Each person can only request one song and the chosen songs will be released on Facebook on the 14th.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert will be a combination of a mini concert and a fanmeet, and we’ve differentiated it from other concerts from the planning process. We have planned this event to make it a more special concert that increases the fans’ participation and gives Kim Jaejoong’s fans a special gift.”

Meanwhile, a teaser video of Kim Jaejoong’s title song ‘Mine’ will be released on the 11th of January through JYJ’s official Youtube channel.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong’s birth mother shares her thoughts on meeting her son and netizen reactions

JYJ‘s Jaejoong‘s biological mother Oh Seo Jin will appear on the January 11th episode of new TV Chosun program ‘Persevering Life‘ and open up about her life.

She stated, “In the past, after I was divorced at a young age, while I went through many difficulties, an aquaintance persuaded me to send my son to a different home. However, I did not realize at the time that it would be an adoption.”

Jaejoong met his birth mother 20 years after they were separated, after he had become a huge star as a member of TVXQ. She revealed that the joy of being reunited with her son was short-lived, however, because she became known as “Jaejoong’s birth mother”, bringing on hurtful comments and reactions from netizens, especially those that claimed that she was using her son’s fame. She stated, “I even attempted suicide.”

Through the difficulties of her past, she stated that she learned many new things and is now living a new life as a “protector of families” in Korea. She continued, “I consider my difficult life a stepping stone and I want to help other families.”

‘Persevering Life’ will feature guests who have overcome difficult obstacles in life, as they share their stories and methods to recovery.

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[TRANS] 130110 Why Does Jung Tae Se Want To Go To Kim Jaejoong’s Concert?

“I want to go to JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s concert.”

North Korea’s top striker Jung Tae Se (29), who has now donned the Suwon Bluewings uniform, attended a press conference on the 10th to commemorate his new team membership and when asked what he would like to do in Korea other than play soccer, he replied that he wanted to attend ‘Hallyu Star’ Kim Jaejoong’s concert.

When Jung Tae Se played in Japan, he showed talent in a variety of things aside from soccer. He used his witty charm to hold a radio show and was even a DJ. He also showcased his talents in a Korean variety show last year. Because of this, many are curious to see what Jung Tae Se will do other than play soccer now that he will be in Suwon.

But the reply reporters received was that he wanted to attend a concert. He talked about Kim Jaejoong’s concert as Jung Tae Se is close friends with the members of JYJ, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun.

Jung Tae Se and JYJ’s friendship began in June of 2011. The soccer player took park in Park Ji Sung’s charity soccer match, the Asian Dream Cup, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. JYJ held a performance during the charity soccer match and through the event, the four people became friends.

After the match was over, Kim Jaejoong posted a photo of himself with Jung Tae Se with the caption, “Tae Se, I hope to see you again soon.” As Jung Tae Se will now be living in Korea, he expressed his wish to attend his friend’s concert and see him again.

However, it doesn’t seem as though Jung Tae Se’s wishes will come true. The Suwon team won’t be returning to Korea till the 28th after they go through their first round of training in Guam, but Kim Jaejoong’s concert will be held right before their return on the 26th and 27th.

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[TRANS] 130110 Kim Jaejoong Releases Images From His Music Video ‘Beautiful As Expected From The CG Handsome Guy’

Stills from Kim Jaejoong’s music video have been released.

Ahead of the release of his music video’s teaser, Kim Jaejoong released still cuts from the video, heightening the anticipation for his solo act.

On the 10th, JYJ’s official Facebook page uploaded still cuts from Kim Jaejoong’s music video and has already been met with an explosive response, proving the high anticipation for Kim Jaejoong’s solo debut. In the released image, Kim Jaejoong draws attention for his grotesque yet mysterious image.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “A teaser for the music video will be released on the 11th. We can’t yet reveal the storyline for the music video but Kim Jaejoong plans to externalize his inner emotions in various ways.”

Kim Jaejoong showed off his ‘CG Handsome Guy’ good looks through the still cuts and has increased the anticipation for his music video and solo album.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ topped the iTunes rock charts of 9 countries that include Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan, and proved Kim Jaejoong’s popularity once again.

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[TRANS] 130109 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ Tops iTunes Music Charts In Five Countries

Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ has topped the iTunes music charts in five different countries in less than a day.

Ahead of the release of his first solo mini album, Kim Jaejoong pre-released one of the tracks ‘ONE KISS’ on the 8th and began dominating domestic and overseas music charts. As soon as the track was released, it topped music charts on Bugs, and Cyworld Music, as well as the iTunes music charts in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album is still wrapped under a veil and is highly anticipated by fans for its rock genre tracks. Kim Jaejoong reaped in greater results on the rock charts. Kim Jaejoong’s successful transformation into a rocker has been proven as he topped the iTunes rock charts in the above five countries, as well as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

A representative of the industry stated, “The mixture of an intense sound and Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice has created a trendy song. The sophisticated melody has been met with a positive response in North and South America, and Europe as well. His album will probably dominate music charts worldwide when it is officially released.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album as topped the reservation charts of Japan’s biggest album sites Tower Record, HMV and Amazon, heightening the anticipation for the album.

Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his album ‘MINE’ on the 17th and has sold out 16,000 seats for his two-day concert ‘Your, My and Mine’, breaking the record for the longest server crash.

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong ranks first on iTunes Rock Chart

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is showing off his power on overseas charts with his new solo venture. His first solo, “One Kiss,” which was released on January 8, ranked first on iTunes in five countries including, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam on January 9.

An official for his agency says, “Kim’s sweet voice and perfect harmonies go well with the powerful sounds of this trendy song. It’s refined melody is also receiving a lot of attention in North America and Europe. He will top the music charts all over the world with his solo EP.”

Kim will release the solo EP Mine on January 17. The EP includes a variety of rock numbers.

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[TRANS] 130107 “Jackal Is Coming” Starring JYJ’s Jaejoong To Be Released In Japan, Releases Previously Unpublished Images

Starring JYJ member Kim Jaejoong in his debut lead role in a movie, “Jackal Is Coming / Code Name : Jackal” which has been gaining much attention across the world released previously unpublished images of the movie, ahead of its Japan screening date in May.

In the 2 images that were released, there was a two-shot of Jaejoong’s character, top star Choi Hyun and Song Jihyo’s assassin character “Jackal” meet for the first time in the hotel that will be the main stage for much of this movie. While the exact details are not revealed, another image was that of Jaejoong sitting by himself on a chair, talking on the telephone.

Jaejoong, who is already active as a celebrity exudes a top-star aura, and has gained much attention for his handsome looks while wearing a pair of sunglasses.

This movie talks about a legendary assassin (Song Ji Hyo) who kidnaps top star Choi Hyun (Jaejoong) and the various incidents that occur. This is a thrilling and unpredictable love-suspense story. The movie will be screened in Japan from 3 May 2013.

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[TRANS] 130108 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ Garners An Explosive Reaction With Its Emotional Lyrics And Sexy Vocals

‘ONE KISS’ has been pre-released ahead of the official release of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album.

C-JeS Entertainment, the agency in charge of managing JYJ, released the audio of ‘ONE KISS’ on various online music sites at noon on the 8th. ‘ONE KISS’ is a sophisticated song that mixes an intense sound with sad lyrics that showcases Kim Jaejoong’s melodious and husky vocal talent.

C-JeS stated, “Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics for all the songs on his album,” and “He tried to fill the lyrics of ‘ONE KISS’ with emotional memories that everyone cherishes.”

Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ has been met with an explosive response ever since its release. Not only were hundreds of comments made about Kim Jaejoong’s vocal talent on various music sites and online discussions, but the song also topped music charts on Bugs and Cyworld Music as well as search rankings on various portal sites.

A representative stated, “Kim Jaejoong is an amazing vocalist with a husky yet melodious and charming voice, as well as a wide vocal range. Fans will be met with a variety of rock genre songs that are vintage, yet sensual and trendy, through the mini album ‘MINE’. Kim Jaejoong sang like a free soul in this album.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be holding his ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th of January.

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