[TRANS] 130114 What Will Kim Jaejoong’s Take On Kim Kwang Seok’s Music Sound Like? [Song Link Included]

For anyone who’s curious, this is the original song.
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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has decided to sing ‘Though I Loved You’ by Kim Kwang Seok (deceased) as the song requested by fans for his solo concert.

On the 12th, Kim Jaejoong’s entertainment agency held a survey event ahead of the singer’s first solo concert and asked fans ‘Which song would you like Kim Jaejoong to sing?’ From this survey, Kim Kwang Seok’s ‘Though I Loved You’ was chosen. The event garnered around 10,000 comments and ‘likes’.

To commemorate the release of his first solo album, Kim Jaejoong will be holding a concert on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX. All 16,000 tickets for the concert were sold out right after reservations opened up for the concert.

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[FACEBOOK] 130103 JYJ Video Message & JYJ Magazine Teaser 2

JYJ 멤버들간의 따뜻한 영상 편지. 그리고 팬들에게 보내는 고백 영상. 짧은 미리보기 준비했습니다! 풀버전은 곧 발매되는 JYJ 매거진에서 만날 수 있습니다.

JYJ sent video messages to members and fans! This is the short preview for JYJ magazine DVD! You can see the full version video when JYJ magazine comes out! And it’s very soon!



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[FACEBOOK] 121220 JYJ Special Magazine “THE JYJ”

Good news! “JYJ special magazine THE JYJ” will be released in January. You can see 1000 days of JYJ and interviews in that magazine! It will be published in Korean and Japanese. More information will come out soon!! Check the teaser video!

씨제스 스토어에 반가운 소식이 올라왔네요! 
[JYJ의 아주 특별한 매거진 THE JYJ]
1000일의 기록과 인터뷰를 담은 신개념 매거진! 1월 한국어, 일본어로 동시 발매 됩니다. 곧! 자세한 내용이 공개 되니 많은 기대 부탁 드려요~!

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[VIDEO] 121213 MBC every1 Photo and Talk – JYJ Jaejoong Cut

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[TRANS] 121206 Jaejoong Twitter Update

雪が降る時には徳永英明さんの 雪の華 が思い出す。元気かな?徳永さん

[TRANS] During snow, I remember Tokunaga Hideaki san’s Yuki no Hana. How are you?Tokunaga-san

Note: The song JJ mentioned ((雪の華 – Snow Flower):

그가 너무보고싶다..그리고 그가부른 friend가 듣고싶다.

[TRANS] I miss him so much. And I want to hear him sing ‘friend’

Note: Jaejoong may have meant Park Yong Ya’s song, Friend (via @heekori):


@tyjdryo 잘있어요 형은요?모두가그립고 보고싶어요, 역시형은 지금 내마음을 읽었군요..

[TRANS] I’m fine. How about you, hyung? I miss all and want to meet all. Hyung really read my mind.. 

(in reply to Ryo-san’s (Toho dancer they used to work with)

@bornfreeonekiss ジェジュン元気か?

[TRANS] Jaejoong, how are you?

Source: Jaejoong’s Twitter (@bornfeeonekiss)
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[NEWS] 121203 JYJ Confirm New Album For Mid-2013 Release, Hope To Perform On TV Again


Now that the ugly JYJ / SM Entertainment legal battle has finally come to an end, the K-pop trio have officially confirmed plans to return with a new album next year. Member Junsu announced the good news during a press conference in Germany for his current Tarantallaga world tour, revealing that we’ll probably see the disc drop around the middle of 2013.

“It’s true that JYJ will release a new album next year,” he told reporters. “It will be sometime in the middle of the year. We’ll be promoting individually until the beginning of the year, but we think we can stand together as JYJ around the middle of the year.”

With SM Ent. now legally out of JYJ’s gelled hair, there’s a glimmer of hope that the talented trio will finally be able to perform on Korea’s broadcast programs again.

“If this result allows us to appear on broadcast again, then it should have happened 3 years ago when we first got into the lawsuit,” Junsu stated.

Junsu doesn’t sound wildly optimistic, does he? JYJ’s label, C-JeS Entertainment, haven’t been all sunshine and lollipops, either, stating last week that the drama between JYJ and SM,isn’t a legal issue, but a battle between David and Goliath.”

With Max and Yunho of TVXQ currently reigning supreme as the fiercest performers in pop music, it’s only fair that JYJ not only get the chance to give the duo a run for their money, but the opportunity to fairly promote their music just like any other K-pop star can. The fact that Junsu served up some of the most epic performances of 2012 with “Tarantallegra,” but was unable to bring them to the small screen, still stands as one of the biggest musical crimes of 2012. There’s only so many times you can watch grainy concert footage before craving the professional gloss of Music Bank or M! Countdown.

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[VIDEO] 121118 ArirangWorld: Special Premiere Of The Movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ – Showbiz Korea

Credit: ArirangWorld
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[VIDEO-TEASER-ENG+JAP SUB] 121119 JYJ Calendar 2013 New Teaser

English sub

Japanese sub

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[VIDEO] 121118 Jaejoong’s Interview For Chosun Media

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[VIDEO] 121121 Arirang TV – Showbiz Korea: The Attractive Qualities of Kim Jaejoong, Song Joongki and Park Sihoo

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