[TRANS] 130128 Kim Jaejoong Is Told What One Needs To Be A Rocker ‘Harsh Breathing – See-Through Outfits’

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong ended his first solo concert in success.

With 16,000 fans attending the two concerts on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX, ‘Your, My and Mine’ was a fanmeet and mini concert put together.

Ticket sales for the concert began on the 7th of this month, and broke the record of the longest server crash and sold out all 16,000 seats for the two concerts. The anticipation for the concert has been explosive even before the concert actually began.

A concert representative stated, “The solo concert attracted 16,000 fans and proved the power of Kim Jaejoong yet again. The line for Kim Jaejoong’s official goods was over a kilometer long and was quite a sight to see.”

The concert involved a great deal of participation from fans with a quiz, rock, paper, scissors game and a cooking segment. In the corner that used answers taken from fans four hours before the concert, Kim Jaejoong had fans laughing at the interesting answers that were given to the question, “What does Kim Jaejoong need to transform into a rocker?”

Fans gave witty answers such as ‘Harsh breathing’, ‘Break a guitar and rip your clothes’ and ‘Wear leather underwear,’ and Kim Jaejoong said, “It’s not going to be an outfit made of plastic, but I have a shocking outfit prepared for the mini concert portion of my concert.”

In the corner that reenacted memorable scenes that his fans had chosen, Jin Yi-Han, who was loved for being part of a couple with Kim Jaejoong on ‘Dr. Jin’, came on stage and reenacted a historical version of a scene from ‘I’m Sorry, I love you’. Kim Jaejoong and Jin Yi Han took So Ji Sub and Lim Soo Jung’s lines and reenacted them in a historical tone, showcasing their great chemistry.

In the mini concert that took part in the third act, Kim Jaejoong prepared a top-quality performance for his fans. He stood on stage with a live band and showcased his wide vocal range and perfect vocal skills with a total of ten songs.

Kim Jaejoong also had a video conversation with JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun, showing off their close friendship. The other members answered the calls in their houses and were initially surprised and flustered, but then went on to talk about their daily lives and played parts of songs they had been working on.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I’ve been so happy to have spent the past two days with you all. And I was so moved by all the love you gave me, and I will take those feelings and create better and more music. I will repay your love with my own and I really want to thank you for everything.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be kicking off a very special Asia tour in Thailand in February.

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[TRANS] 130128 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘I’ Becomes The First JYJ Album To Appear On The Oricon Charts In 2 Years

The solo album of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has entered Japan’s Oricon Charts, signaling a green light on JYJ’s Japanese activities.

According to the Oricon Charts, Japan’s most respective album sales charts, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album ‘I’ entered the weekly album charts (January 4th~20th) in 15th place. Kim Jaejoong’s album was released on the 18th in Japan and sold a total of 7,331 copies in two days.

Setting aside the album sales and rankings, the fact that his album showed up on the Oricon Charts is a feat itself. Kim Jaejoong’s album is the first JYJ album to enter the Oricon charts in approximately two years since March, 2011. JYJ’s albums have been excluded from the Oricon Charts since their lawsuit against the Japanese agency AVEX began. However, their lawsuit ended on the 18th of this month, and it has become possible for their albums to be included on the charts again.

Not only this, but the fact that he was able to sell close to 10,000 copies of his album in two days, without any promotions in Japan on an album that is entirely in Korean, proves that he is still being loved by his Japanese fans, regardless of the 3 year hiatus.

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album has sold over 67,000 copies in Korea, according to the Hanteo Charts, though it is only a mini album. It has topped the iTunes rock charts in nine overseas countries and has been sold out in various album stores in Japan, proving Kim Jaejoong’s explosive popularity overseas.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong held his ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX. The concert ended in success with 14,000 fans cheering him on. Kim Jaejoong will soon be kicking off his Asia Tour in February.

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[TRANS] 130128 Kim Jaejoong’s Solo Album Tops The Hanteo Charts For The Second Consecutive Week

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has become a hot topic for topping album sales charts without a single broadcasted appearance.

Kim Jaejoong’s first album ‘I’, which was released on the 17th, has topped the Hanteo Charts for the second week in a row.

All the tracks of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album ‘I’ are set within the rock genre but have been injected with Kim Jaejoong’s unique and trendy style. The album has been receiving positive reviews as ‘a high quality album’ that perfectly combines songs that have intense sounds and charming vocals such as ‘One Kiss’ and ‘Mine’ with songs that emphasize Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice.

The total sales of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album have hit over 70,000 copies. Many are curious to see if he will become the first singer to sell over 100,000 copies in 2013.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong held his ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th. The concert ended in success with the support of 14,000 fans and Kim Jaejoong plans to begin his Asia tour in February.

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[TRANS] 130127 Kim Jaejoong Connects With 8,000 Fans On His Birthday… ‘Rock Spirit!’

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong created an extravagant rock performance for 8,000 fans on his birthday.

Kim Jaejoong held a fanmeet and mini concert on the 26th at the Ilsan KINTEX for his ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert.

A concert representative stated, “Kim Jaejoong’s live performances were met with an endless stream of applause and shouts, captivating the fans and producing a passionate response from them. Kim Jaejoong’s wide vocal range and charming vocal tone, which is sweet yet husky, has proved why Kim Jaejoong’s value as a solo singer is so high.”

On this day, Kim Jaejoong started his concert off with a five-member rock band for a rendition of ‘ONE KISS’, a track from his first solo mini album. His explosive vocal talent had fans captivated from the beginning and he entertained fans with his own version of songs by musicians who have influenced him such as Lim Jae Beom’s ‘For You’, The One’s ‘You, Who I Couldn’t Let Go’ and Kim Kwang Seok’s ‘Though I Loved You’.

He continued to showcase his melodious voice with renditions of ‘All alone’ and ‘Comfort for Myself’, both of which are tracks from his solo mini album.

A representative stated, “Though it was a solo performance, his ability to captivate the audience is outstanding. He really showed the true color of a rock star by expressing his freedom through his songs. Kim Jaejoong’s explosive vocal talent had everyone breathless and the fans really enjoyed the performance.”

He continued to add, “Considering the fact that this was a concert based off a solo album, the passion and popularity of Kim Jaejoong surpassed that of most idol groups,” and “Fans from Asia, Turkey and even Eastern Europe came for the concert, proving just how popular Kim Jaejoong is all over the world, and an endless stream of camera flashes went off everywhere to capture images of Kim Jaejoong that were placed around the concert venue.”

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[TRANS] 130127 Kim Jaejoong Reveals An Unreleased Dance Track ‘Only Love’ At His Solo Concert

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong gave his fans a surprise when he performed an unreleased dance track during his fanmeet and mini concert.

‘Your, My and Mine’, Kim Jaejoong’s fanmeet & mini concert that was held at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th, showcased an unreleased song ‘only love’, which was a collaboration between Kim Jaejoong and Aziatix’s Flowsik.

Halfway through the mini concert, which was the third part of the program, Kim Jaejoong said, “The next song is a dance track,” and “It’s a song that I’ve never released before. You’re going to be the first people to hear it,” and proceeded to perform ‘only love’ with back dancers. It has been a while since Kim Jaejoong has performed a dance track on stage, and he had the fans screaming with delight over his dance skills.

After the performance, Kim Jaejoong asked the fans what they thought of the song and asked for their interest and anticipation as he said, “If the song is officially released later, please give it your love.”

On this day, Kim Jaejoong held a two and a half hour fanmeet for the first two parts of the program, as well as a 90 minute mini concert for the third part. The ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert was completed with the 8,000 fans who filled the concert venue. Shouts of happiness could be heard from the fans as Kim Jaejoong showered them with his witty conversations, songs and various acts of fan service.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong performed the tracks of his first solo mini album ‘I’ for the first time at his ‘Your, My and Mine’ concert with a live band. The concert will be held on the 26th and 27th and will attract at total of 16,000 fans.

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[TRANS] 130124 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, “There Exists An Unjust World That People Can’t See”

– His lawsuit comes to an end in 3 years… His first solo album in 10 years

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (27), who we met at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on the 21st, seemed to be cautious of his words. When we asked him how he felt about his recently ended lawsuit, he seemed to shake a bit before he spoke up. He said, “I’m really happy,” and “You probably don’t know how big my smile was when I heard the news.”

The lawsuit of JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu), who broke away from TVXQ in 2009, against SM Entertainment ended in November last year with a settlement. The group also won their exclusive contract invalidity and indemnification for damages lawsuit against Japan’s biggest music agency AVEX on the 18th. AVEX signed a contract with JYJ in February, 2010 to help them with their Japanese activities, but then announced that they would be halting all of their activities in September. The Tokyo District Courts gave the verdict, “Avex can no longer claim that they are the sole management agency of JYJ.” AVEX must pay 7.8 billion Won (660 million Yen) to JYJ for the indemnification for damages charges.

“In our point of view, this was something we knew would happen, but we were frustrated because it was taking so long to resolve. The three of us told each other ‘It’s been rough, but we got through it.’”

But there’s a disappointing note to all of this. Kim Jaejoong said, “Unjust things. They’re not limited to the laws and contracts,” and “There’s an unjust order that people can’t see, there exists a world where such ridiculous things are accepted.”

As soon as their lawsuit began, it became more difficult for JYJ to appear on TV. He stated, “Whenever PDs or screenwriters say, ‘Why don’t you appear on TV?’ I say to them, ‘Muster the courage to be the first to call us in.’”

The situation isn’t that different in Japan. When they borrowed a concert venue, they would be blocked in various ways. He said, “Most of all, I really want to hold a concert in Japan as soon as possible.”

Though JYJ have been faced with so many obstacles, they have collected a string of achievements. Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun have been shining in the musical and drama industries respectively. Kim Jaejoong, who took on the role of the stage director for JYJ’s world tour, released his solo album on the 17th and has stepped up on his individual activities. He has always filled JYJ’s albums with emotional compositions, and he has now put his all into his own solo album.

The theme of the album is ‘rock’. Of the five tracks in the album, ‘MINE’ and ‘One Kiss’ were created through a collaboration with rocker Kim Bada, who took on the melody while Kim Jaejoong took on the lyrics. Kim Bada also helped direct the vocals and chorus of the songs.

Kim Jaejoong said, “I know that it’s dangerous for a singer with roots in an idol group to sing rock songs. Kim Bada was also concerned about this,” and “Regardless of this, I really wanted to work with great rock musicians, and I wanted to create an intense, rock-inspired performance.”

He has always introduced a rock element to JYJ’s world tours, creating songs with rebellious messages. Regarding his title song ‘MINE’, he explained, “It’s a story about my small domain, and it’s a song that warns others not to take even that freedom away from me.” He added, “I was worried that underground artistes would reject my work and say, ‘A kid who doesn’t know the first thing about rock is singing rock’. But there were a lot of people who gave me good reviews,” and “I think it’s because I mixed K-pop with rock, instead of fully going the traditional rock route, or because of Kim Bada.” The other two songs ‘Comfort for Myself’ and ‘All Alone’, sincere and sophisticated songs, were composed by Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong made his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004 and it has been 10 years since his debut. He said, “I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday (20th) so I listened to all the songs I’ve sung till now, and I found that there are 120~130 songs,” and “I looked back on the past 10 years by listening to all the songs, and I found that the good memories came to mind before the bad ones.” He also smiled and said, “This is my first solo album since I made my debut 10 years ago, and it makes me happy to feel like I’ve become a rookie all over again.” Kim Jaejoong will be focusing on his individual activities in the first half of the year and will resume group activities with the rest of JYJ in the second half of the year.

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[TRANS] 130125 Kim Jaejoong Hears That Jung Tae Se Has Arrived In Korea, “We Should Go Out For Karaoke”

Kim Jaejoong showed off his friendship with his close friend Jung Tae Se.

During an interview in Apgujeong on the 22nd to commemorate his first solo mini album ‘I’, Kim Jaejoong drew attention for saying, “If I meet up with Tae Se, I want to go out for karaoke with him.”

The friendship between North Korea’s top striker Jung Tae Se and South Korea’s top star Kim Jaejoong is already famous. Their friendship began in June, 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City when they attended Park Ji Sung’s charity match as a player and a performer respectively. Ever since then, they have kept their friendship going.

When Jung Tae Se landed in Korea wearing his Suwon Bluewings uniform, he said that he really wanted to attend Kim Jaejoong’s solo concert, which will be held on the 26th and 27th at the Ilsan KINTEX. But unfortunately, his wish will not be coming true. This is because Kim Jaejoong’s concert and Jung Tae Se’s overseas training session overlap.

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong jokingly said, “I told him not to say such nonsense. As if he didn’t know his own schedule.” This is the kind of joke only close friends would say to each other.

He continued to say, “I recently talked to Tae Se on the phone, and I told him to come to Korea soon so we could hang out. I asked him when he’d be getting here, and he said that he didn’t know. We had a chance to see each other in Germany once, but I was in East Germany and he was in West Germany,” and “This time, we decided to meet up as soon as we could since he’ll be in Korea now. When we meet up, I want to go out and karaoke with him.”

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[TRANS] 130124 [Lee Jung Ah’s Celebrity] Kim Jaejoong Says, “My Hobbies Disappear When Winter Comes”

When we see this man, this is what comes to mind. A cold exterior hides the light inside that is as hot as fireworks. That is Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong has released his first solo album ‘I’, full of the emotions and happenings that he has felt and faced. The stories he tells as an individual, not as a member of a group, ring in our ears.

We’re curious of who Kim Jaejoong is as a normal person, not the man who sings and acts. We are sating that curiosity on ‘Lee Jung Ah’s Celebrity’.

# You were extremely busy last year and it feels like every day is full of happiness for you. Do you have any concerns?
“I don’t know. I think my biggest concern is my health. I haven’t been able to sleep that much these past couple of days because of insomnia. I tried to pretty myself up for today, but I think I look a little haggard.” (Not at all!! He was the epitome of a cool city guy, with sophistication flowing from him from head to toe!)

# You’ve released your first album. How did the other members react to your choice of genre?
“(Park) Yoochun said that he felt like having a drink after listening to ‘One Kiss’. He said, ‘I need to drink today’, and that it is a song that calls for a drink… isn’t that great? There are songs you listen to when you’re sad and are hoping to be comforted, and there are songs you listen to because you want to feel sadder. And to say that it’s a song that calls for a drink… I really like that. (Kim) Junsu really liked ‘Mine’.”

# We want to know what you do as ‘a regular guy’ when you aren’t working.
“My hobbies disappear when Winter comes. (haha) I really like riding my bike, so I go biking every day when the weather’s nice. I rode my bike so much and used my pelvis so much that I suffered from an inflamed pelvis. I also like running on the treadmill at the gym. I had to go to the hospital because I had hurt my pelvis from all that biking and running. I haven’t ridden my bike since then, but my pelvis is still inflamed. So I don’t run or bike that much anymore. When I ride my bike, I’ll go all the way to the Han River and back, and I always feel like I’m going to die on the way back. (laughter)”

# Hong Seok Chun recently posted a tweet of support for you on his personal Twitter account and became a hot topic for it. You have such a wide circle of friends.
“I would say that because Seok Chun has such a wide circle of friends, I should be seen as just one of his personal connections rather than him being my friend. The people I’m friends with all know Seok Chun too. I saw his words of support and I was so grateful that I went to see him as soon as I was done with work.”

# You’ve been showcasing ‘great visuals’ in your music video and in your album jacket. What’s your secret?
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m doing everything I can to do everything I could possibly do as someone in their late twenties. (laughter) I feel like I’m using up all the energy I possibly could before I turn 30. I need to work harder!!”

#Kim Jaejoong. Are you really ‘happy’ these days?
“I’d say I’m half and half. There are times when I’m really happy, but there are moments when it gets to unbearable that I can’t believe emotions like that could possibly exist. I have a life that others can’t experience, so I have to experience things that no one else can. But…. I’m… happy.”

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[TRANS] 130124 ‘Solo Singer’ Kim Jaejoong, “The Reason I Don’t Use The Name ‘Hero’…”

Kim Jaejoong, the emotional and talented vocalist of JYJ and the actor who has appeared both on TV and on the big screen, is taking on a new challenge as a solo singer.

Trying out a new genre that he hasn’t sung before, Kim Jaejoong collaborated with Kim Bada to create a song that carries the traditional rock genre with a unique color that accentuates his powerful vocal talent.

Putting all the emotions and untold stories of the past ten years as a singer and actor into the lyrics of his first solo mini album, Kim Jaejoong  is full of anticipation for the new challenge he faces.

There’s a negative view on idols pursuing a musical career in the rock genre. This is one of the reasons why Moon Hee Joon had so many anti-fans when he began pursuing a solo career after H.O.T disbanded.

“I took those negative views into consideration. Because rock is a completely different genre from the styles that I’ve sung till now, I tried really hard to get rid of the habits I’d formed over the years, and I learned how to sing and express my emotions in the traditional form of rock.”

Though he was nervous about taking on a new genre, he was determined to overcome any difficulties and succeed. Instead of an excessive transformation, he worked hard to absorb the traditional form of rock and thanks to the help of his fellow musicians, he was able to successfully create an album.

“When I first chose rock as my preferred genre and set out to make an album, I didn’t think I’d be working with such great seniors who directed me and wrote songs for me. I received such great help and I was able to learn so much about the genre I’ve always liked.”

Kim Jaejoong’s collaboration with Sinawi’s vocal Kim Bada has become a new learning experience and discovery for him. From the genre’s specific vocalization to changing his singing style, Kim Jaejoong had to go through an intensive training procedure to get to where he is now.

“It was really hard to change my singing style. If you listen to my mini album and compare the voice from the first track and the last, doesn’t it sound like two different people? ‘One Kiss’ has a lot of high notes, so I felt like I was in another world (laughter). It felt like I was back to being a rookie, but I didn’t throw away my original style to fit the rock genre, I just worked hard to find a way of changing my style slightly to go with the genre.”

Kim Jaejoong participated in the song- and lyric-writing process of his entire album. Kim Jaejoong wrote down all the emotions and hidden stories of his life as a singer and actor in the lyrics of his songs and showcased his extraordinary talent yet again.

“I tend to write lyrics pretty quickly. It might have taken me a while if I was writing something where I had to create a story, like in a novel, but since most lyrics aren’t that embellished, I write them pretty quickly. It took me around 15 to 20 minutes to write the lyrics for ‘I’ll Protect You’ from the ‘Protect the Boss’ OST and ‘Even When I’m Alive, It Feels Like a Dream’ from the Dr. Jin OST. But it took me three days to write the lyrics of ‘One Kiss’. I think that’s the longest time it’s taken me to write lyrics.”

The music video of ‘MINE’, the title song of Kim Jaejoong’s mini album, as left a deep impression on many for its use of top-quality production equipment and intense visuals. Kim Jaejoong starts the music video with a mysterious and innocent image, moves on to being chained down and in pain, and finally transforms into a surreal character, perfecting a bone-chilling image in each scene and mixing in a grotesque edge to his music video with outfits from the famous designer Song Hae Myong.

“I asked the director to get the theme of the music video from the lyrics of the song, and he came back to me the next day with a variety of concepts that we implemented in the music video. It felt as though he had done a lot of research on me beforehand. We stayed up for two nights to film the music video, and it came out to be very artistic and I’m personally extremely satisfied with the end product.”

What reaction did the members of JYJ, who are famous for their strong friendship, have to Kim Jaejoong’s solo album? When asked this question, Kim Jaejoong gave a content smile.

“In Yoochun’s case, he listened to ‘One Kiss’ for the first time in China and said, ‘I feel like having a drink right now. This song is really good. If I said that I liked it better than Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’, he’d start sulking at me, right?’ Yoochun has always preferred emotional songs over dance tracks, and I think that’s why he felt like having a drink when he heard that song.”

“Junsu really liked my title song ‘MINE’. In the past, when we were active in Japan, I once released a single called ‘Maze’. Ever since then, Junsu’s been telling me, ‘If you ever release a solo album, you have to do a rock song. You have to do a song with a strong, rhythmic beat.’”

Though he is a member of JYJ, Kim Junsu has kept his title of ‘Xia(h)’, the name he used when he was a member of TVXQ, whenever he partakes in any solo activities. But Kim Jaejoong is cautious about using the name ‘Hero’.

“Junsu must really like ‘Xia’. (laughter) Junsu believes that when he’s a musical actor, the name ‘Kim Junsu’ fits him best, and when he’s a singer, the name ‘Xia’ fits him best. And I think I agree with him on that. For me, because the title ‘Hero’ is a name I used when the five of us used to be together, I’ve decided to refrain from using it as much as possible now.”

Kim Jaejoong chose ‘fans’ as the biggest reason for the release of his solo album. He knows that since creating JYJ and starting his individual activities, he’s been more focused on his acting than his singing career.

“I’m sure that there are people who like JYJ as a group, and people who like the vocals of each member. I didn’t want to make those people wait too long, so I wanted to bring my music to them quickly.”

Through his upcoming activities for his album, Kim Jaejoong plans to visit his international fans as well. Though there aren’t many tracks on his album, this is his first solo album and he is in discussions with his agency for the possibilities of a solo world tour in the future.

As JYJ have won their lawsuit against the Japanese agency AVEX, many are predicting Kim Jaejoong to pursue solo activities in Japan, but he has a different idea.

“Personally, I’d like for all three members of JYJ to be together when he resume our activities in Japan. I think it’s our duty to go together as a trio and perform for the fans who have been silently waiting for us in Japan for the past four years. As for the possibilities of a world tour, I’d like to go on one if my songs are able to live up to the high-quality that a world tour performance demands.”

Kim Jaejoong, who has started off the year as a singer, plans to continue his acting career as well, on TV and on the big screen. With JYJ activities scheduled as well, 2013 is set to be a very special year for his fans.

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[TRANS] 130125 Photos Of Kim Jaejoong’s Rehearsal Are Revealed, ‘He Works Well With The Band’

Kim Jaejoong has released photos from his rehearsal ahead of his first solo concert.

On the 25th, Kim Jaejoong released photos on JYJ’s official Facebook page of his rehearsal with a band for his concert that will be held on the 26th. In the released photos, Kim Jaejoong can be seen rehearsing with a rock band consisting of drums, a bass guitar, a keyboard, an electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar.

His agency stated, “Kim Jaejoong is busy rehearsing for his live performance with a band. The upcoming concert, which has been receiving a positive response for being a mini concert that focuses on conversing and connecting with the fans, will feature a live band to go with Kim Jaejoong’s performances.”

They also said, “As his latest album centers around the rock genre, Kim Jaejoong decided to stand on stage for the third part of his concert with a live band, and is rehearing with them at this moment.”

Band members who participated in the project stated, “The rock band will be small and will focus on emphasizing his vocal talent. We focused a lot on the guitar sound of the band to emulate the traditional rock sound of Kim Jaejoong’s ‘MINE’ and ‘One Kiss’. We were surprised by Kim Jaejoong’s transformation into a rocker. Though this was our first rehearsal, he understands music very well and adapts quickly to change. His live skills are amazing, as expected from a singer who has held countless live concerts in Japan.”

Kim Jaejoong’s special performance ‘Your, My and Mine’ will be held at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th, and all 16,000 seats have been sold out. Kim Jaejoong will be singing tracks from his first mini album.

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