What is iHeroCassie?
iHeroCassie is part of @iCassieFamily and @iFamilyTown. iHeroCassie was created on December 24th, on Xmas Eve’s night and dedicated to the TVXQ’s Hero Kim Jaejoong.

What can we find at iHeroCassie?
Here you can find anything related to TVXQ’s Kim Jaejoong such as pictures, news, translation for Jaejoong’s twitter update, live performances etc.

Any question about Kim Jaejoong or iHeroCassie?
Ask us @twitter .

Please leave the full credits intact whenever our stuff being taken out.


2 Responses to iHeroCassie

  1. jae126 says:

    ye~my kim jae joong

  2. Christina Lim says:


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